Chapter 2Mature

Drake swung his feet over his bed, welcoming the feel of the carpet there for no reason at all.  He stood up, and for a moment his legs refused to support him and he began to collapse before catching himself on his dresser.  The hulking beast shook, knocking a picture frame onto the floor.  Drake picked it up and looked down at the two guys standing there.  He set the frame back on the dresser as he walked out of the room, but the picture followed him, first to the kitchen where he got a drink of water, then to the bathroom where he took his shower.

The picture showed him at seventeen with his medium length brown hair and blue eyes, not much had changed.  The dark haired, dark eyed kid next to him was Matthew Price.  Growing up they had been inseparable.  There had been a connection between them, something beyond normal best friends.  Something was special about them. They had first met at the age of six, when their mothers had taken an aerobics class together.  It hadn’t taken long for them to become friends.  They had told everyone they were like brothers, but with how in tune they had been with each other, the things they could accomplish, they were more like twins.  The years flew by.  And still, nothing could drive them apart.  When they graduated Matthew had they great aspiration to be a lawyer.  He had promise to be a damn good one at that.  He was going to be the best the nation had ever seen.  He was well on his way until the accident.

Drake shivered at that thought and shut off the shower.  He reached out of the sliding privacy door and fumbled around before finally retrieving a towel.  He dried himself off and wrapped it around his waist.  He walked over to the mirror and starting to brush his teeth.  He looked at his reflection and looked at himself.  His medium length brown hair fell just over his ears.  His blue eyes still just as piercing as they had been at seventeen.  He closed his eyes and saw the picture again.  It could have been taken yesterday.  The six years in between hadn’t changed him a bit.  His mind began to wander.  He found himself thinking back to when he had first met Matt.  Tears began to well up in his eyes, but he was too far away to notice.

The gurgling of the draining water snapped him out of his daydream.  He shook his head to clear the thought and put his toothbrush back into the cabinet.  He caught a glance in the mirror and found his eyes bloodshot and his cheeks moist.  He hadn’t spent much time thinking about Matt since the accident.  But every now and then he found himself remembering the good days. 

Since then, he had had a couple of instances where he could almost feel that connection pulling at him.  Like Matt was close by.  But that was impossible. 

He hurried into his room.  He had spent too much time this morning spacing out.  It was time to get with the show and get to class.  He had woke up this morning right on time, which was a good thing but also allowed for no leniency. 

He grabbed the first set of clothes he could reach and pulled them on.  His entire wardrobe didn’t really vary much, it was always baggy shorts and a t-shirt. It wasn’t necessarily the outfit of someone studying law enforcement, but at this point in his life, it didn’t seem like something he was going to care about.  Today he was sporting a black shirt with the logo for a local band, Twilight Royalty, and some faded jean shorts.  He searched around his room for his flip-flops and found them sitting next to his door.  He slipped them on and made his way to the front door.  He grabbed his keys and went through a mental checklist in his head.

Dressed, check.  Teeth, check. Bag, in the car, check. He was forgetting something, but he couldn’t think of what it was.  Oh well, he would think of it later and scold himself for it then.  He turned to the door and started to make his way out the door, his mind drifting back through his morning trying to figure out what he was forgetting.  But all he could think about was that picture still sitting on his dresser.

Drake Taylor was on his way to his car when he had his first black out.

The End

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