The CallingMature

Can a demon have redemption?

That buzzing, that damned buzzing, why would it not stop?  Reality shifted.  That buzzing was his alarm clock telling him to GET THE FUCK OUT OF BED!  He reached over gently pressing down the snooze.  Whoever invented the snooze button should receive the Nobel Peace Prize. 
            Drake laid in bed a few moments longer watching the first rays of sun break through the gap in his curtains and crawl down the wall.  In about thirty seconds he would get out of bed, make his way to the kitchen for a quick drink of water, followed by a shower and thorough teeth brushing.  After he had decided what to wear, he would pack his bag and head off to class.  Simple and easy.  Thirty seconds, time to get started.

He swung his feet off the bed and was greeted not by the feeling of his carpet but a cool breeze and nothing more.  He peered down and his blood froze.  Instead of the bedroom floor he had expected, his feet dangled freely miles above an endless stretch of water.  He looked around and his bedroom had completely vanished.  Instead of his bedroom walls, there was nothing but a cloud dotted sky and the sun, looking more like noon than early morning.  His gaze returned to the water below him.  He tried to grip the sheets of his bed but they, too, had vanished.  He was simply floating there.  The wind blew and his body drifted with it until he faced downward toward the crashing waves below.  It was then that he first saw her.  Directly below him floating lazily in the violent waves was a girl.  From his distant place he could only make out two distinct details.  The first was her dark hair fanning out from her head.  The second was the fact that she floated there completely nude.  Something subtle happened inside him.  He wasn’t aroused so much as he found himself astonished.  She seemed so pure, so innocent.

The wind blew again and he rotated toward the sun.  Now he noticed that the sun was slowly darkening on one side.  An eclipse had begun.  Another breeze spun him and he was peering back down at the water and it’s maiden.  As the eclipse progressed a shadow swept across the water.  Where it touched, the water in it stilled instantly and changed to a deep crimson.  Something about this worried him.  He tried to scream down to the girl but no sound escaped his lips.  Faster and faster the shadow raced across the water, morphing it.  Then, just as the shadow reached the girl, everything changed.  The entire expanse of water had changed from the crashing crystal waves to the deep crimson.  The sun no longer provided any light, but the sky itself glowed a threatening red.  Without warning, he began to fall through the air.

He raced down toward the water, unable to flail his arms or scream.  The wind rushed past his head.  Just as he was about to crash into the girl, he stopped and hovered no more than a foot above her.  Now he had the chance to make out more details of her.  She still floated, her eyes closed.  She appeared to be sleeping.  He noticed how smooth and unblemished her skin was, how she bore not a single wrinkle.  His first impression of her purity was amplified.  Then, he noticed her one flaw, a scar that ran straight between her breasts.  Near the top and bottom ran short perpendicular lines.

He didn’t register his movement until he saw his own hand reaching for the scar.  But he couldn’t stop it.  He began to panic.  He didn’t really know why but he was nevertheless terrified of touching that scar.  Just as his hand touched her soft flesh her eyes shot open, her stunning green eyes piercing his.  She was whispering something.  Tears welled up on the corners of her eyes and he noticed she looked scared.  Her hand came out of the water and wrapped around his wrist pulling him closer.  He still couldn’t make out what she was whispering.  Then, she opened her mouth in a scream, but only a distant buzzing came out.  Louder and louder it grew.

That buzzing, that damned buzzing why would it not stop?

Drake Taylor woke up on November 24th, terrified and angry without a clue as to why.  All he could remember from a strange dream he had was blood.  There had been a lot of blood.

The End

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