The Call Of The Wolf

Chapter 1

The deer dodged Dawns swipes easily. Growling, Dawn let it runaway. Prey was scarce, and I was struggling to eat. We'd obviously have to eat in human forme. Growling I turned to Eclipse. My sister sat with her head in her paws. Moonrise. Come here. I turned to where Dawns voice had came from. The alpha female was hiding frustation badly. Go and find Starlight. He headed west after a rabbit. She grolwed, running into the distance. Eclipse followed her reluctently. I charged into the forest, my every move tired. I reached the human box and colapsed, my sides heaving. I caught a whiff of stale Starlight. I noticed that it was getting stronger. I also scented the youngest wolf- Sunset - nearby. Getting to my paws, I howled into the night air. I heard movement in the bracken before Starlight appeared. Dawn wants you. I barked. He had an unreadable expression on his face. Your hurt. You should rest, become human again or something. He barked worreidly. I nodded and padded into the bracken. I raced through the forest towards base. I stopped dead as I heard a faint howl in the distance. I tried to reconigse the howl. It was deep and hollow. It couldn't be a she-wolf. I reconigsed Domonics. I howled response. It was our way of tracking down the pack. By his howl, I could tell his was very far into the forest, near the huge oak. Our howls were joined by Dawn and Starlight. A few seconds later, Eclipse, Moonlight, Midnight, Twilight, Sunset and Sunlight joined in. Me, Starlight and Midnight were closer to base, the others were further out. After it had died down, I plunged through the bushes into the base. My rucksack was thrown under a tree, along with everyones except Starlight, Dusk and Dawns. They were now to old to attend high school. I began the morph. It was quite an easy process. After I was human again, I pulled paper out of my rucksack and began writing in my neat handwriting: "I'm in the house, I need to finish homework, also, I need to get a doctor to look at a scratch on my arm. Tell Daisy she has homework to do, she's hopeless. Love, Sam." I stuck the note to a tree with some bluetack, and picked up my bag. I swang it onto my shoulders and ran through the clearing. I ran through the rest of the forest untill I reached the main road of town. I slowed down and opened the door to the local internet café. The owner smiled happily and handed me a menu. "One coffee please, and a philedephia bagel." I sat down on a computer seat. I placed my bag next to the computer. I switched it on, heading to e-mails. I logged in just as my food arrived. I smiled and checked my e-mails. I clicked one from high school.
"Dear Samuel Granger. Your teachers award ceremony is next month. Look smart!
Mrs. Anderson."
I replied a simple yes, and clicked the one below from my friend Reggie.
"Yo, Sam. I was like wondering if I could ditch our plans to meet at the café? I'm heading out with Fey. Thanks dude J"
I was hoping he'd cancel, I wanted to chillax all Saturday. I read one more from Olly asking me for a book, and logged off to do homework. I heard the bell jingle and turned as Jack entered. "Hey Jack." I said putting up a hand. He smiled at me and sat down in the computer seat next to me. "Its boiling out there! How can those guys stay in their pelts?" He whispered the last word. He turned on the computer and headed for e-mails. "Fancy helping me with homework?" I asked hopefully. He laughed at me before turning his attention to the computer. "Domonic will be here soon. He's picking up Lance and Eclipse. The others are going to get curry for dinner." He mumbled. It was easy to tell he wanted to be hunting. He turned to me, a grin spreading across his face. "Nice note." He laughed. I raised an eyebrow. "Whats wrong with it?" He looked at me quizacally. "LOVE SAM!" He burst out in to a chorus of laughter after falining to intimadaite my slightly deep voice. I rolled my eyes. "Jeez Jack! I was just trying to keep it nice!" I said, even though a smile played on my face. He smiled and turned to his computer. We both turned as the bell jingled again. Domonic, Lance and Eclipse arrived, putting their rucksacks down and grabbing a seat each. Daisy came to the one on the other side of me. She was glarning at me. "Why aren't we hunting?" She hissed in a hushed voice. I raised my eyebrows. "You know why!" She turned to the computer and turned it on, also heading to e-mails. "I hate being human." She mutterd. I sighed and turned to her. "We were all humans once. We caught a diesease, we almost died, we became werewolves, we got a life. We were humans orginally Daisy! We left our homes and gathered here. We live until were 90, guarenteed." I whispered. She sighed in response. She focused on her computer. Lance came over to me. "Sam. D-do you mind if I read that book you finsihed?" I nodded and pulled it out of my bag. He smiled and headed off. Domonic ordered everyone cofee and a sanwiuch or bagel. I finished my homework and turned off the computer. Stretching I turned to Daisy. She was writing in her free choice topic book. "There can be 30-50 wolves in a pack . but there can be 20-30 or 8-15, It depends on the breed." I rolled my eyes and finished my food.

The End

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