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I've always loved a good villain. Maybe it's because they're more realistic, more relatable, more...human. Or maybe it's because the 'heroes' of my story are always messing with me, even though I'VE DONE NOTHING WRONG!

Well in their eyes that’s not strictly true....I was born and that was a good enough reason for them, though I will say they 'gave me a chance' they waited until I was 16 to start the manhunt. That was very good of them.

When I was born I was just like every other baby, I cried, I ate, I pooped mother left me at the hospital but other than that...normal. I was adopted by a lovely couple in their late 30's who weren't fortunate enough to have kids of their own, they were the essence of the word 'normal'. Their names were Mary and John. I really couldn't fault them, they played with me, read me stories, sent me off to school...they doted on me. Heck for prom they made a big deal about everything, we went out shopping for the perfect dress and I had my nails done and we took tons of pictures. It was a nice, normal life.

Until they came.

I remember the day with perfect clarity, I was upstairs watching a Japanese cartoon I loved Vampire Knight and the doorbell rang. I assumed it was the postman or a delivery man of some sort so I didn't pay much attention to it. Until I heard shouting. A lot of shouting. Mary and John and two other voices I didn't recognize. I opened my door a crack to try and listen in.

"You're not taking her" Mary

"She's just a child" John

"Not for long" Deep voice one

"She will turn soon" Deep voice two

I remember feeling confused who's going to turn soon? Are they talking about me?

"But she's completely normal! How do you know for sure that she'll turn?" Mary

"We've never been wrong before and we need to take her for everyone's safety" Deep voice one

"What are you going to do with her?" John

"You know that already John" Deep voice one

"Please no, she's an innocent" I could hear Mary getting upset "she's in bed at least wait until morning"

"Our orders were to take her now" Deep voice two

Some mumbling followed then a curt "Fine" from deep voice once and the door shut.

What the hell was going on???

"What are we going to do John?" Mary was sobbing

"We'll have to tell her" John sighed

I heard their footsteps coming towards my room so I had backed up and sat on my bed. Waiting.

They knocked on my door then proceeded to come in, Mary had red circles around her eyes and John looked tired even though it was only approaching 9pm.

They stood awkwardly the doorway, seeming to not know what to say. So I started.

"Who was at the door?"

John opened his mouth then closed it again, at a loss for words.

"I heard" I said "What's going on?"

Then they told me. The people at the door were after me because of who my biological parents are, they were apparently bad people and they wanted to take me away to make sure I wasn't going to be just like them. These people were also dangerous and so John and Mary gave me a choice, go with the men in the morning or...spend the rest of my life on the run. John said they could give me money to run with and a burner phone if I ever needed to use one in an emergency, which he suggested I avoid doing.

When I asked what would happen to me if they took me in the morning his face said it all. I chose to run.
Mary and John had given me a pack filled with anything they thought I might need and after a long, lingering hug they watched as I disappeared into the night, unsure of what I was supposed to do.

It's been four years since then and I've learnt a lot in since then, including the fact that my parents rule over hell. A lovely little demon boy told me all about it and that that is why the archangels are after me. So in short I was abandoned or run off by both sets of parents, I've been running for four years with no friends and all of heaven wants me dead...meanwhile most people my age are worrying about student loans.

The End

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