Ch. 2 - The 'Bon Vivant' (I)Mature

The moon shone more and more intensely as the clouds faded along the horizon. It was about three in the morning, but that did not prevent a significant number of people from treading the gloomy narrow streets of central Lisbon. The cosmopolitan world, to which the Portuguese capital naturally belonged, had ventured deeper and deeper into the night in a matter of decades. Coexisting unknowingly with the Kindred was but a circumstance. A rather tough one, in many cases. Even to Kindred themselves.

The Kindred (i.e. the "vampire" or "vampires") of Lisbon were divided in two main factions: the orderly Demokratia and the ruthless Absolutus. They are irreconcilable opposites in an eternal struggle to vanquish each other once and for all. Nevertheless, the vampire nature of both brings their views rather close: the naive neonate would not be able to discern the diferences. But their perspectives on humankind contrasted fiercely. Absolutus believed humans were nothing more than food - or at least, the sources of food - and deserved to be treated as so. Demokratia, however, disagreed: unlike their later counterparts, the orderly sect knew the consequences of imprudency concerning the Kindred's secrecy. They witnessed (and were many of the targets) of the Inquisition, which almost brought the fanged undead to extinction. They were aware of modern technology, which invariably posed a threat to the Kindred's existence. In other words, they did not make themselves known at any cost. Unlike the Absolutus' members, the Demokratia endeavored to hide their condition from humankind and to trick humans into believing vampires did not exist.

"The Caitiff" played by Demokratia's rules, even though he was not affiliated with any faction - after all, he was called "Caitiff" for a reason. He and Maerwyn had left the gory dungeon and caught a taxi to reach Pedro's apartment. The two friends found themselves in the more modern part of the city, and the paradise of Lisbon's Kindred; a rather unsettling characteristic about "Parque das Nações." Caitiff rang one of the tens of bells in a contemporary condo; no one answered. He rang again, and again no one answered. He then looked upwards, to a dimly lighted window.

"Do you see him?" Asked Maerwyn.


"Is he alone?"



"He has company... human company."

The End

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