Ch. 1 - A Last Contract (III)Mature

The two nocturnal friends descended the trapdoor and closed it. The Caitiff went forward, hasting through the narrow hallway. Maerwyn, who just now started to understand his apprehension, followed the pale vampire. As she did so, her eyes noticed the hallway had many little entrances on its sides. These entrances gave way to tiny rooms resembling cells, whose only furniture were bookshelves; except for two at the end of the narrow tunnel, which had been joined together to make a pauper smithy, with nothing but a medieval forge and a grindstone.

"What was this before you came to live here?"

"A dungeon... or rather, its ruins." The Caitiff stopped at the end of the hallway. Rusty iron bars attached to the wall led to the emergency exit; that is, what seemed a sewer's hatch. He was about to start the short climb when a noise from the upper floor startled him. It was as if someone had knocked down the wooden door. The Caitiff looked keenly towards the ceiling - so keenly it seemed he could actually see through it!

"What do you see?" Maerwyn asked.

"Three auras...inhuman and faint," the Caitiff responded uneasy. "They seem to be neonates."

The Caitiff had barely finished his reply when the sewer's hatch was opened from the outside: immediately, an ugly man with short fangs leaped into the old dungeon - only to have his heart trespassed by one of Caitiff's arrows.

Maerwyn drew her twin Uzi's, shooting at the vampires who made their way throught the trapdoor. "Who are they!?"

"Absolutus fledglings," the Caitiff replied as he shot another hi-jacking vampire. "In another words, cannon fodder."

Half a dozen vampires cornered both Caitiff and Maerwyn. Armed with crowbars, knives, and their own fists, the intruders slowly start approaching their two victims. However, they suddenly stopped. Something was wrong with them: all of the six started writhing in excruciating pain, with mute shrieks, until they vomited their own blood out of their mouths.

"Now!" Two chained daggers propelled from the Caitiff's sleeves, slashing the throats of two vomiting vampires. The red-haired beauty needed no further instructions: her Uzi's struck a handful of bullets in every undead. In a matter of seconds, the surrounding intruders had all desintegrated - it was the Final Death, as the creatures of the night call it.

"This is the confirmation of Countess Astrid's arrival," said the Caitiff.

"Why do you say that?"

"The Countess was the leader of the Absolutus sect for at least a century. Only Absolutus sends its neonates as expendable raiders - a tactic heavily employed by that harlot while she reigned that nefarious vampire faction."

"But she knew they would fail, right?"

"Perhaps so..."

The End

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