Ch. 1 - A Last Contract (II)Mature

"Your what?" The seductive red-haired woman stood bewildered by what seemed to be quite a shocking fact. She tried, however, to see the bright side of said fact - since there was none, Maerwyn would create it herself. "Oh, Caitiff, you're... you're just kidding, right?"

The expression in the panicked vampire told otherwise. "You believe I could jester about such thing!?"

"O-Ok, l-let's calm down a bit." Young Maerwyn sat next to the apparently young Caitiff. She had never seen him in such a miserable state! To her, the so-called "Caitiff" is the pinnacle of self-restraint, a devout zealot of serenity. If these news made the solemn gentleman tremble incessantly, then there were reasons for Maerwyn to tremble as well. "Why didn't you fulfill your last contract?"

"But...But... I did fulfill my last contract! I KILLED HER!" The usually deep, low voice of the pale host became almost earsplitting! It rang on Maerwyn's ears for several seconds, even as she said: "Watch out! Someone might hear you!"

"These are soundproof walls, Maerwyn." The Caitiff got up rather quickly. If the rumors were true, there was no time to lose. He had to be prepared to fight this threat once again, as he had done eight decades ago. The thin vampire lifted the small rug, unveiling an inconspicuous trapdoor. He opened the hatch and went inside for a few moments, returning to surface with what seemed to be a medieval arsenal. The Caitiff had attached a discrete device in each of his wrists, the right hand's being seemingly thicker than the left's. His right hand held a light, wooden crossbow. The only flagrant difference in his visual was the mirrowed wrap-around sunglasses he wore whenever he was outside his safehouse. "We need to leave. Now."

"Yes! The Caitiff is back! The greates-"

"Hold your peace, Maerwyn." The somber gentleman had returned to his natural gravity. "Do you have your Uzi's?"

"Of course! I always carry my babies with me!"

"Good. Now let's go."

"Go where?"

"Save Pedro from the Countess!"

The End

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