The CaitiffMature

MATURE CONTENT: Violence, Blood and Gore, Suggestive Themes
The dreadful, clanless Vampire from Lisbon, Portugal, is back to business.
After many decades of retirement, "Caitiff" returns to his old profession of assassin-for-hire when he receives an irrecusable offer: the opportunity to end a centuries-old bloodfeud.

The thick clouds enshrouded the full moon, whose dim light could not illuminate the narrow streets of Lisbon. The night brought something eerie and mystic to the Portuguese capital; something too enticing to resist its call, yet too dangerous to survive afterwards. Still, there were those who courageously ventured into the night's depths. The majority, unaware of darkness's threats, lead a nocturnal life as carefree as possible. There were a few, however, who willingly seeked this uncanny thing.

Running through the cobblestone sidewalks, a lone woman looked upon her goal: an old fort's ruins. She had her eyes fixed on the decaying stronghold as she ascended through the steep road beside it. The walls of the fort, which never served much the city's defenses, were now the façade to an apartment block's foundations. The woman reached the building with incredible speed. She did not, however, enter it through the front door; instead, she went through a rusty back door. The lone woman did not slow down: she descended a long staircase so quickly her own shadow could barely keep up with the pace. She stopped at the staircase's end: in front of her stood a common wooden door, a door she had not gone through for a long time. The woman knocked.

"Caitiff?" She asked, in between deep breaths.

"Who seeks him?" asked a low, menacing voice in return.

"An old protégé... and friend as well."

The door was opened. A lean, pale young man wearing a black trench coat stood in front of her, smiling as much as his serene countenance would allow him to: "Greetings, Maerwyn."

"Caitiff!" She jumped on her mysterious friend, hugging him as if he was a lovely teddy bear. "I'm so glad to see you again!"

"The feeling is mutual, my friend," responded the pale man, trying to escape his visitor's constriction. "What brings you to my haven after all these months?"

"Well, my dear Caitiff, I have found you one last job - one you won't refuse for sure!"

The End

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