The Cabin Crew

This is my first story on this site and It's not a very long one.Just thought I'd put it out there and get some feed back!

The sea bashed against the beach with a violent rage.The curving blue monster kept beating against the smooth sand again and again.The moonlight and the wind transformed the water into a roaring metallic sheet.Hidden between the thick grass of the sand dunes is an aged wooden shack beaten by years of salty sea wind and faded by hours of scorching sunshine.
Tonight the sky is angry with rolling grey clouds hanging low over the coast.Inside the shack there is no storm but there is a sea of people.Hot bodies pushed chest to chest, back to back and hip to hip fill the bar while the music and the smell of alcohol fill the air.
Cathy's not pressed up against anyone, or shouting into someone's ear about something funny that's happened last weekend ,or eyeing up some wanna-be surfer guy from across the room, she's sitting on the step next to the stage with her sun kissed legs hanging over the end.A small smile is resting on her glossy lips as she looks at her older sister Ada standing center stage in the warm glow of the spotlight with her battered ukulele in her hands. Ada's eyes are closed and she wearing the exact same smile as Cathy as she strums out some song she told Cathy reminds her of sunshine.She can feel the swell of excitement coming from the people around her.Cathy can almost see the happiness radiating from her body.The band plays their final chord and everyone cheers.Ada's head falls back and a soft laugh escaped her lips.She looks like a goddess with her long slender neck and thick amber curls tumbling down her back.
Cathy looks out into the crowd and sees so many familiar faces but nobody she really has any desire to talk to.Over the summer Cathy had changed so much that the only person she could be around was Ada.Everyone else who had claimed to be her friend had left her behind in a mad rush of beer and sex and growing up.Cathy had stopped right in her tracks and faded into the dark place where only her sister dared to venture to keep her company now and again.
Ada skips straight off stage to dive into Cathy’s arms. She buries her face in Cathy’s sickly blue hair and giggles.
“You smell nice.”she whispers into Cathy's hair
“You were amazing.”Cathy says as she pushes her sister gently out of her personal space.
“I think you were the only one who noticed. Everyone else is a little out of it if you ask me.”Ada says as she slides onto the step next to her sister.
Samson comes running of stage drumsticks in hand with the world’s biggest grin spreading across his face.He misjudges the distance and stops just in time before almost poking out Cathy’s eye.The smile drops from his face immediately and he straightens up,shoving his drumsticks into his back pocket.
“So..Sorry Cathy!”Samson says looking down at his tatty converse.
“Catch you later A?” He says as he slips off to join the crowd and let the next band on.
Cathy sighed as she seemed to have that depressing effect on people. Even people as ridiculously happy as Samson.
“They'll realize your not made of glass someday” Ada says with a half smile and nudges Cathy in the ribs.
“Well it took you long enough and you're my sister.Poor old Samson has no chance really.”Cathy gets up to leave.
“I think he's just got a crush on you since you died your hair blue.He's got a thing for freaky girls.”Ada doesn't laugh but Cathy does and then she freezes.
“Ada?”Cathy says with a serious warning in her voice.
“Yes Cathy my dear?” she says with a grin growing wider and wider across her lips.
“No”Cathy says with a severe finality.
“Yes” Ada begins laughs uncontrollably, falling back on the steps as the new band start up their first song.
“You'd swear I'd just told you you had to eat glass for the rest of your life!”She says with a slightly angry tone to her voice.
There’s a long pause where Cathy just listens to the song as it's building momentum.
“Sorry..”Cathy says leaning against the wall and looking down at her ratty shoes.
“It's not a crime to like a boy or even like that a boy likes you.”Ada says in a quiet suggesting voice.
Cathy says nothing and for one second wonders what it would be like to run her fingers through his soft black curls and kiss his smiling lips.That second was all Ada needed to decide that Cathy has a thing for a slightly clumsy teenage drummer.
“Wow!..This is both cool and slightly weird cause yanno he's my band mate and your my sister..i mean ya I thought about it but now it's..”Ada's blabbing is stopped in its tracks with Cathy’s hand resting on her mouth.
“shhh..”Cathy says with a smile as she watches the comical expression on Ada's face.
“He's out at the truck if you wanna go say hi...” She says in a mocking casual voice that reeks of guilt.Cathy narrows her eyes but says nothing.Instead she turns and steps out into the dimly lit hallway and Ada gives a barely audible shriek of excitement over the music and the wave of voices in the bar.
Cathy wasn't really sure what was making her legs move towards the back door but none the less they were moving.Her brain hadn't even realized what she was actually about to do.It seemed there wasn't a thought in her head but her heart had registered something and was beginning to beat double time as if it was making up for all the lost time when it had been asleep.
Ada was starting to calm again with her ukulele in her hand walking lazily after Cathy.The back door swung open with a violent thud and the wind whipped Cathy’s blue hair across her face.She couldn't see a truck or a smiling black haired boy anywhere but Ada took her hand and led her away for The Cabin and into the dark night.After a few seconds of stumbling Ada's hand left Cathy's and a loud knocking noise that matched the sound of her heart announced that they were at the truck.
Ada's hand's guided her into the shelter, aiding her up the steps.Cathy froze.Those weren't Ada's hands.She wondered where her Ukulele had gone.It seemed Cathy’s brain had kicked in. She pushed her hair out of her face once she was sheltered from the wind and the first thing she saw was Samson's unsure smile.
“You okay Cathy?”He asked with a tone of concern in his voice.Cathy was hyper aware of his hand on the small of her back.
“Mmhm..”Was all she could manage before they took the final few step into The Truck.It was actually a rusty old mini bus with most the seats ripped out that my sisters band used to tour around the near-by towns and cities.It's pretty cosy and warm inside but Cathy can still feel the wind rocking the bus slightly.
Ada is down the back of the bus apparently deep in conversation with Jason and Dan the Bass and guitar players in the band.Cathy groans inwardly when she realizes what she's done and that she can't think of anything to say to this poor boy.After a prolonged silence Cathy turns to Samson suddenly.
“Do you like my hair?”Cathy asks abruptly, the words flowing like diarrhea from her mouth.
“Oh ya.I think it's pretty cool!I mean you must have had a lot of balls to dye your hair blue.”He looks everywhere except at Cathy.
“Well apart from Ada I don't really care what anyone thinks and her insults don't count cause she's my sister.”Cathy says in a rush as she plonks down into one of the seats.Samson pauses for a minute before signaling for her to push in.Cathy's trapped now and Samson is running his hand through his curls and Cathy is just staring at him.He looks up and catches her which causes her heart to stop for a second or two .
“I like your hair too.”she says quietly as if she didn't intend for Samson to hear her.
Samson begins to laugh and Cathy starts to become a little paranoid.
“What?”Cathy asks, a wary smile on her lips.Samson’s laughter is infectious and the next time she tries to speak giggles erupt from her lips.After awhile Samson takes a deep breath and a calm settles around them.
“What was all that about?”Cathy asks with a grin spread across her face.
“I was just thinking about how ridiculously awkward this is and how far it is from what I had imagined when Ada said she'd help me out.”He says flatly looking out into the black behind Cathy.
This doesn't seem to faze her at all.”What had you imagined?” Cathy whispers afraid if she's too loud his answer will run away in a fright.
“Amm..ha..let’s see.Perfect like in every romcom ever made”He says dropping his head low covering his face with his big rough hands.
“Wait!So you're like a closet Sandra Bullock fan?.”I say resting my head on the seat in front of me and staring down at his bush of curls.
Cathy can see his body begin to shake with laughter and he sits up smiling right at her.
“How did you know? and while you're at it..tell me how is it that everytime you say something it makes me like you more than I did just a few seconds before?” He shakes his head back and forth in dismay and Cathy’s cheeks go scarlet red which she deems to be such a girl thing to do which makes her blush even more with embarrassment.
“We'll then I better not give you a hug or you might just fall in love.” she giggle
“Kissing you would probably overload my heart.I'd be a goner.”he grins
“We best keep a safe distance from each other in that case.”Cathy smiles and shuffles away from him till her back is pressed against the cold window.
“Wouldn't want to cause myself and injury.I mean what would the band do with a love sick drummer?” he says as he inches closer to Cathy so that his smell of salty air and hot summers days mixed with wood and rain fills her nose.
“I..amm.”Cathy was losing her train of thought as her eyes became fixed on Samson’s ever approaching lips.Her vision was becoming blurry and all he could make out were his warm brown eyes and his floppy black curls.
“Then again it's nothing a band-aid can't fix.” he smiles slightly his eyes fixed on her glossy pink lips.
“We'll see about that”Cathy whispers against his soft warm lips.

The End

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