Chapter 2.2Mature

“Michael Peterson,” the girl said, smiling. Her chestnut hair was in a plait like it was yesterday. A small spattering of freckles covered her cheeks, making her grey eyes seem brighter. “I'm Lily Pisces, “ she said. She readjusted her bag onto one shoulder and opened her locker, which was two down from his. The other person was a guy. He had dark styled brown hair and light hazel eyes. He was built like an athlete and no doubt got a look of interest for it. When the guys eyes met Michaels staring ones he looked away, feeling embarrassed. The girl elbowed the guy in the ribs, shooting him a look. The guy clearly faked his wince.

“I'm Derek,” he said, rolling his eyes.

“Nice to meet you both,” Michael said, actually meaning this time. They were a lot nicer than Lewis at least.

“Yeah, whatever,” Derek muttered, pushing away from the lockers. Lily's shoulder dropped and she sighed.

“Ignore him. He's a butt-head,” Lily said, crossing her arms and raising her voice so Derek could hear her.

“Learn to swear,” Derek threw over his shoulder. Lily stuck her tongue out at him. “I have a project to do. I'll be in the library,” Derek said.

“Okay. I'll let the others know,” Lily said, pulling out her phone. He disappeared up the stairs, leaving Michael with Lily. “Where's your home-room? I'll show you” she offered. Michael pulled out his schedule and repeated the room number to her. They'd walked a little bit when he couldn't help asking.

“Your friend, Lewis-” he began.

“Lewis is not my friend,” she cut him off, choking a laugh.

“Oh,” Michael said, confused. As Lily led him to the end of the corridor, round a corner and along another corridor, he heard others arriving around him. Lockers opened and shut with a metallic click. Chatter became the background sound. Within a few minutes the earlier silence was long-buried.

“Don't worry about Lewis and his little group. Zack already told them to leave you alone,” Lily said. So those looks yesterday were exactly what they had appeared to be.

“Zack, is that the guy who told him and Amber to back off before?” Michael asked. Lily nodded, studying him curiously.

“He won't leave you alone completely,” she admitted with a sigh. “But he won't hurt you.” Michael raised an eyebrow at her words, but she didn't say anything else. Her phone rang and she glanced at the text.

“I better go.” she said, putting her phone back into her jacket pocket. “Just keep going down the corridor, second door on your right,” she instructed. She was gone before Michael could say thanks. He frowned as her flicking plait disappeared into the crowd of people. He turned around and went to the door.

The End

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