The Cabal (Working Title)Mature

This a re-do of Catch Me that turned supernatural. The characters are all mostly the same but the storyline is entirely different.
I hope those of you who liked the original catch me story, like this one equally.


The ability to use magic can be achieved by all, given time and willpower.

The Cabal is different. Each of the ten original founders made deals with other beings, some deriving from good, others bad. Through this they increased their natural command over a particular area of magic.

The chosen powers moves from parent to child – the firstborn always being the most powerful and therefore representing the family. Every generation of the Cabal is made up of ten individuals, all descending from the original members.

If a child of two Cabal members is born then that child will be twice as powerful – but also twice as vulnerable.

The laws of the Cabal are simple:

  • Don't tell ordinary people of our existence – even those using normal magic's.

  • Don't use your abilities to kill another Cabal member – if this is done the Cabal will be forced to hunt you down.

  • Don't interact with non-human beings – They are dangerous and deceitful.

  • Don't let a Cabal child grow outside of the Cabals watch – this can lead to a dangerous awakening and the revelation of our existence to all.

  • Don't mix blood with an ordinary person without the Cabals approval – there are strict guidelines in place that must be met.

  • Don't mix Cabal blood and Cabal blood more than once – the results of doing this are disastrous.

  • If someone outside the Cabal discovers us – eliminate them.

If any of these laws are broken – the Cabal will find out, and they will punish. 

The End

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