The Butterfly Theory

So. Here I am. On a crowded stinking tube train heading to work at precisely nine twenty three am. To be honest I'm over reacting, it's not ‘that' bad. As I was lucky enough too, sort of, love my job. That is why, not by choice, I am sitting next to someone in a suit who, quite frankly, stinks and blowing his eardrums out with his iPod. Oh the joys of London Underground.

I squeezed through the people, gingerly trying not to hit people with my backpack,  untill I reached the door and hopped off at my favorite station of all. South Kensinton. Luckily at this time of the morning it wasn't to crowded. Most people were already at work. Plus the museums wern't open yet. The chaos was still to come for the poor station quards trying to keep an eye on all the school kids that pass through hear everyday.

"Hey Cacey!" someone bellowed at me waving from one of the kiosks as I went through the barriers with my oyster card. I smiled up at him, with his crazily straight brown main, that never went out of place and his funny accent.

 I think I narrowed it down to a cross between American and English.  But you could never be sure with Jamie.

I grinned at him at the thought and started walking with him down the tunnel towards The Natural History Museum. The best place in the world. 

That was Jamie. Don't worry! There's seriously nothing going on between us. Mainly because he's gay, but whatever floats your boat. He was one of my best friends at the museum, he worked at the gift shop with my other best friend, Pheobe.
Jamie was one of the 'typical' gays. You know, the ones that think everythings cute and has two best friends that are girls. I don't care what anyone says, every girl needs a gay best friend.

"So. Tell me about your fabulous weekend sweetie." he smiled drapping his arm around my shoulders grinning at me.

"Seriously not long enough." I sighed.

"Aww, chin up. We shall find your prince charming this weekend." I rolled my eyes. Of corse we will Jaime. "And seriously we need to get you a new bag," he tutted examining the thing on my back.

"Jamie. I do not need a new bag. This one is fine. You've been telling me that every morning for months."

"That's because it hasn't gone in that thick skull of yours" he said prodding my head and laughing.

"Theres a lot going on in there, I have you know."

"Of course there is. All you have to think about is escorting little vultures around." I laughed out loud at that statment,

"They are not little vultures! There sweet."

"Whatever you say sister" he conclueded as we jogged up the stairs into the fresh air. Jaime, you gotta love him.

The End

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