'i love you'

Mick said the necklace jsut made it feel more romantic but he did honestly love me. I read my mothers words over and over again. 'how i have found the love of my life. my true love. The one. The one who had given me the necklace.' I dident know wether to show Mick that. i thought it might scare him away. I acted very secretive and he got angry and i got angry with him for bieing angry. I stormed off in a huff and i remember locking him out the house. He sat outside my bedroom window all night and apoligised in anyway he could. I told him the truth and all he could say was 'okay'. understood. I let him in. He hugged and thanked me and then looked at me for a moment and said. 'Ill be The one.' He was. I finally felt like everything was going to be better. We both turned eighteen and he sent me away to a spa. when i came back there in my room were Roses and candles and chocolates. He got down on one knee and Proposed to me. I sat down on the roses in shock and i Said yes. He leaped onto the bed next to me and hugged me. And something welled up inside me. That day, when he smiled and whispered those three words. That was the day i knew everything would change. Change for the better. I knew after everything that happened, this was my moment of happiness for a change. Finally, and shared it with him. He passed away not so long back when he was fourty. Havent heard from Kathleen in fourty years. im surely going to die with lonelyness. My children have grown up and ive given them the chance to find thier true love without the necklace. The butterfly necklace. Because being beautiful and free doesnt always have the best results and though everything might be great for that moment. Lifes a journey and it has its ups and downs.Micks last words, He whispered them to me. He held my hand and whispered those three words. 'I love you.'

The End

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