Romance is a part of me

So Mick was my first boyfriend. A real proper boyfriend. not a boy i would flirt with. A boy who loves me for me. He was so lovely to me. the day After valentines day i remember in the morning Making me bed in breakfast. Toast and jam with A cup of tea. He spread the Jam in the shape of a love heart. We went out for dinner to a small Cafe and he bought me roses. He just seemed too perfect for me. I felt like i was in a dream. It was so confusing back then but i felt that Romance was finally a part of me. I saved every sweet text message from him and his Love Emails. He said he loved me 100%. The more Cheesy and romantic this got i remember thinking to myself am i in a dream? am i sleeping? Nothing could be this good right? I found a book in my Mothers cabniet. It had a drawing of the Butterfly on my Necklace. I opened the book and it was a dairy. It was a Diary on my Mothers life. How she went through the same thing as me. She was given the necklace and she felt like she was in a daze, a dream and nothing was real. As everything was going so perfectly. She mention how she had found the love of her life. Her true love. The one. The one who had given her the necklace. My Father. It was said the necklace takes you to the Better Path in life. And Romance is the Key to this. Romance will become a Part of you. And it was true. I took the necklace off. I went downstairs and found Mick. He looked happy to see me. I hugged him and he look suprised.
'The necklace, its like the only reason why everything is going so perfectly.' I had said to him.
'Kristal, i liked you before that.' Mick assured me.

The End

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