Everything getting Better

School got better Rock never bullied Mick anymore. Kathleen skipped school and when the social services came to see what was going on. They were puzzled to find that She did not even live here anymore. Me and Mick had very good grades and kathleen was not even in school. Frank admited he could not control her and she was now living with Danny Mcrogers. Me and Mick liked it better this way. Just the two of us. And Frank. i was an Orphan. that hit me. I did not realise that as Frank had always lived with us since mother got ill. So he felt like a dad. like i had family still. They were my family. Though i was Kristal Harrin and Micks surname was Remison. I was much closer to Mick and Frank now and i was still shy but not as much Sad and gloomy. I understood life was A journey and it has its ups and downs. I understood and I knew then i finally had grown-up for sure. i dreamt at nights that i was going out with Mick. And valentines day aprouched. I sat in my room and looked out my window. I remember watching people with Balloons, Teddys, Chocolates and even Flowers. It looks so pretty and Romantic. and i Sulked in my room watching. There was a knock at the door and i remember Mick standing there with a Single red rose in his Hand. I looked shocked and smiled in happiness he ran towards me and gazed my eyes. I will never forget his Green eyes. He put the rose in my hand and Kissed me. He took my hand and took me outside. We walked hand in hand and walked down the street. He told me jokes and how the one he likes was me. He said i made him melt when i smile and that i was the perfect girl for him. i confessed i had liked him since we were fourteen. he smiled and hugged me. I felt like everything was great.

The End

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