The Necklace

I Helped him up and he looked at me.
'Thank you.' I Smiled.
'Well you are my friend Kristal.' Mick said.
'I Am?' I Grinned happily. 'I have to go i dont want you to see me like this.'
'I took of my heels and ran home. I got changed back into the old me. The old Kristal. No make-up. Hair down and no Short skirts. I went back to school to find Mick sitting at a bench. He looked up and smiled.
'I like the old Kristal better.' Mick smiled.
'Good, So do i.' I laughed. We hugged and went home.
So My life turned for the worst. And one little thing made me realise Mick did actually care. Just cause i returned from the bad side and im back to the old kristal dident mean my life got better. Mother died. I cried and Cried and Mick cried too. Frank was strong about it but he also shed a few tears. Kathleen did not care at all. Infact she never came home anymore. Mick gave me a late birthday present. It was a Necklace. A necklace with a butterfly on. it was a purple butterfly.He told me it was my Mothers.  I thanked him a great deal. i loved it and wore it everyday.i loved him. i still have a crush on him. Mick said he likes someone but shes not a blonde bimbo girl, infact shes an normal girl, shy and pretty and in our year. He did not tell me who of course. but the thought that it could be possibly me tingled me. i felt so exited. i hoped Mick forgot what he saw. Me kissing his bully. I aprouched him and asked him about it. He had forgiven me. He got worried when he heard my Screams. He said he was scared i was hurt. He cared. And then he went red.

The End

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