Micks Bully, My first kiss.

My sixteenth birthday arrived and i did not do a thing. No one got me presents. My mother was Too ill to even speak and she was sent to a hospital. My Own Gift for my sixteenth was to have my first kiss. Although i did want it with Mick i had got over him.  I Went to School and i got gifts from the boys. I Didn't Like any of them in a crush sort of way. But i flirted with them and it made me feel so confident. There was an It boy i was quite afraid of. He was big and mean and had a crush on me. Micks Bully. That was my target. Rock Targo My First kiss. I went up to him and smiled at him. I Rufled his black messy hair with my hand and put my hand on his arm. He was speachless but he had a reputation for having lots of girlfriends and he was no virgin. I Felt so grown-up. i flirted and sweetly smiled and he soon flirted back. The other boys got jelous watching. I stepped back and told him to follow. He followed obediently and i went behind the skips. He instantly became more agressive. He grasped my waist and kissed me. It was gentle but then he got rough and then became physical trying to unbutton my small tight top. I screamed and tried to get free. I suddenly saw the old me. As i blinked i saw the old Kristal. The shy and sad one. I saw my life flash before me. How everything was going wrong and on my birthday too. I screamed as much as i could. But it was hopeless. I gave up and he pushed me to the ground. Just then Someone jumped on Rocks Back. The person grabbed Rocks neck and pulled his hair. I scrambled free and backed away. I could'nt stand and leave this happening. I Took of my High heel and Wacked it hard across Rocks Head. He collapsed and The Person fell to the ground. I ran over to the person and saw it was Mick.

The End

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