'Fitting in'

My Fifteenth year on this Earth. The Worst of all. The confused and Crazy year.
 When one day at school i changed. i suddenly felt like if being the sad shy girl isint doing a thing. Ill be the confident slag that seems to be getting the attension. I wanted to be an It girl. But not any old It girl. A Unique one. I Wore short skirts and tiny Tops. i wore my hair up and I wore make-up.  Dramatic make-up. Bright red lips and lots of mascara and pink eyeshadow. I wore black high heel boots and Knee high socks. I was ready for the New Kristal. I Walked into school quite nervous but when they saw me and they looked Shocked and alot of the boys Grinned at me and said hi. BullsEye! new me and a better me.
Boys are Jerks and my mother was right. My first crush was Mick my own family friend. He did not see me that way. He loved the Blonde Bimbo from the year above. I just wanted to be loved. And i felt loved the way the boys Led on my every word and did anything for me. Drooling and stuttering when i was around. I felt Confident and Happy. I turned the corner one day to find Mick and he stared at me. He stared in shock and i got quite nervous in my head. I did not show it. I carried on walking. Head high. Lip gloss shining in the light. 'Stuff Mick.' My head said. He actually noticed me in school. For a change. He never used to. That says alot about Mick. The Jerk. I Had no friends then. Just the boys hanging on my every word.

The End

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