Going downhill

out the room i felt gloomy once more. As if things could not get any worse, it did. Mother became blind. Gradually she got ill and the doctor said she had to stay in bed twenty-four/seven. My Mother was on the Sickbed in other words and it made me worse. i cried and never let anyone go near me. Kathleen was out of control and Frank and Mick had to move into our home to look after us. Kathleen ignored him and Stayed at Dannys most of the time. Me and Mick would look out of my bedroom window and see Danny and Kathleen sneak out the Gap of the backgarden fence into the distance. I knew she was not a virgin. She couldn't be. Always sleeping at Dannys. I was scared Kathleen would leave home too. I was so frightened i told Mick everything. I turned to him alot of the time. Every little Problem, Worry and emotion. Mick understood well and it made me feel special that he would take the time to listen to me. I seemed so pathetic and said sorry many times. He just smiled and put his hand on my shoulder. 'Your not pathetic, Just worried and im always here.' Thats what he would say. He was so amazing. I think at that time i seemed to become over confident. I Just was so Annoying to Mick. Always wanted to talk to him. All the time. Every day. Mick avoided me. I felt alone so much more than before. Even my Best friend, the one i fell for. Hated me.

The End

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