Where i start my story.

This is when my story starts. Fifteen, Careless and feeling so upset with life. I was well known in school now. but only because Kathleen was now an It girl. She smoked. I Saw the tabs under her pillow. And i saw her kissing Danny behind the skips with a ciggerete in her hand. She discusted me. Mick took this all well. If he was bullied he would just turn to Kathleen. Kathleen would turn to Danny and Danny and his crew would go and punch the bully. nothing seemed right. i drifted apart from Kathleen so much. Melony was now seventeen and did not even go to the school anymore. i was alone. Noobody to talk to. Afraid and lonely. One night in my bedroom i remember crying and holding a picture of my father. i wondered would everything be different if he was here. Everything be better? i heard a noise from the door and i turned and looked to find Mick.
'Kristal, your not the only one upset.' He had said to me.
'What do you mean?' I had replied. Mick made me feel less lonely when he spoke to me that night.
'Im sick of this too. Kathleens changed so much. Father is always at work and Melony has moved out. Im just as upset as you.' Mick had mumbled. He walked over to me and hugged me. I had not got a hug from him in a long time. Since we were ten. It didn't feel the same as it did then. it felt different. It felt special. I lost my feelings of sadness and loneliness when we hugged. Like everything was better. When he walked out the room i felt gloomy once more.

The End

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