Growing Up & Changing

When we turned 14, we had all changed. All grown-up, different. Good different, unique and as i looked at myself in the mirror in the mornings i just felt like this is me and im my own self. I started to have feelings for Mick i jsut saw him differently one day. Thats also when i noticed i had grown-up. My mother had too. When Kathleens room was filled with Boy band and Actor posters. Kathleen drifted from me a bit. She was still adventurous and she Had her first ever boyfriend. She hid that fact from Mother. Only because she was scared. And he was an It Crowd person. Yes Danny Mcrogers. The fourteen year old Terror of our year. He smoked and Wore leather jackets and shades. Alot of girls loved him. No suprise Kathleen fell for him too. Mick fancied a girl. So he told me. He never told me who. He would tell me in the evenings Before he went home. Or when we walked home from school Together. He would say how her eyes sparkled and how her smile made him melt. I wished i had that affect on him. I only wished and did not say a word on how i felt. I was scared and foolish. I wonder now if i had said something then i might of been the one. i soon realised the one girl he had eyes for was infact a girl from the year above. Typically, every boy was in love with her. She was a blonde Bimbo. Short skirts, High heels, Blond hair and blue eyes. A dream boat. i sulked alot at that time. To myslef of course, i did not let anyone see me like that. i felt like i was the only one left without love. i was wrong of course, but it just felt like it and it made me angry. So angry, i snapped at my mother, my own mother and one day i broke out and told her how lonely i felt. How kathleen was going out with a danger boy and Mick fancied some bimbo girl and i was the unloved girl. Mother sent me away to think to myself. It helped. I noticed I was thinknig all wrong. I was loved. Possibly not by a boring Boy. but by my Family. And i shant sulk as my Mother is the same. Where as she could easily go and find a husband. But thats what i thought. At that age i didn't know life was harder than it sounded.

The End

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