Secondary School

When we turned ten, we went to a secondary school. It was all different. Mick got intrested in so many different things. i remember him saying he wanted to be a mechanic. Mechanic, that word, it seemed such a big word then. an unusual new word to us. Melony helped us through the first month of this new school. She looked after us and showed us the idiots and how not to grow up and become one of them. Them idiots as she called them were the It crowd. The crowd of people who smoked, hated education, generally bullied anyone, and did not give a care in the world. The bad kids my mother called them. My mother said that Melony was an Angel. A sweet girl with a golden heart. I wanted to be like her. Kathleen thought Differently. She was still a Adventurous kind of person. She said being good was too boring. She wanted to stand out and be noticed. Kathleen soon realised that the It crowd was horrible when she got bullied by them.

The End

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