The Butterfly Necklace

Story of Kristal Harrins life, her troubles, her friends, her family and how in the end although everything seemed so bad, she always had one person there by her side even at times when she didn't know.

That day, when he smiled and whispered those three words. That was the day i knew everything would change. Change for the better. I knew after everything that happened, this was my moment of happiness for a change. Finally, and im sharing it with him...

...But going back to 1996, im seven years old. Im Kristal Harrin, the brainy one. As i sit and read a book, its a picture book, my twin sister Kathleen comes in with our friend Mick.
Mick is seven also. we have always been best friends, Family friends. My Mother Anna and Micks Father Frank are both Widows. They have known each other since they were only little too. So we have all got on really well. Mick always got on with Kathleen more as they both liked Adventures and sports. He had a big sister Called Melony, me and Kathleen always looked up to her. She was nine years old and she seemed so grown up compared to us. I was always the shy one. Kathleen the outgoing one. Nothing really ment much back then. I cant really remember many memories either. just little seven year olds, doing what we do.

The End

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