Past 1 - A little lie - Part 3Mature

“Clara, you are so dead,” Sabrinna Montez said, coming up to my locker. I hung up my bag, and set my black coat over top. I didn’t have to worry about my guitar case because I was upstairs where the storage room was. It was such a hassle bringing it to school every day, but since I had music on 4th period I really didn’t have a choice. Sabrinna, flipped her brown hair onto her one shoulder, and put her hand on her waist.
“Are you even listening to me?” she asked with anger.
     “Yes, I’m not deaf,” I replied closing my locker, and then locking it.
“Well what are you going to do then? No offense but she’s gonna destroy you!” She said. I leaned against my locker and checked my nails. I had painted them blue this morning. I hadn’t even remembered that.
“I think you just haven’t processed what’s going to happen,” She turned her head to the side thinking. She then looked back at me, with her grey eyes gleaming. “Let’s put you in a disguise,”
I laughed at this.
“I’m serious! She’ll never know!” Sabrinna raised her hands over her head as she said this.
“Sabby,” I said with a laugh, and then pointed at my birthmark that was on the right side of my mouth. It was the size of a speck of dirt but no one in the school had it, and since my skin was so pale, it was really noticeable. “You won’t be able to hide this,”
“Man created make-up for a reason,” She said.
“I can handle this,”
“Why’d you bang him anyways?”
“I didn’t,” She stared at me, wondering whether or not she should believe me. It wasn’t that I was some big whore or anything, but I wasn’t a Virgin Mary either.
“Well what happened then?” I was about to answer her, but the home room bell rang, and I knew she hated being late for it. She shook her head at me, and then said, “We’ll talk about this later, missy.” She then strutted off down the hall. I shook my head and sighed, and I headed towards my home room as well.

            In homeroom I felt like a specimen being observed. I sat in between Josh and Lizzie, and they were making awkward conversation because they too knew they were being watched. Mostly the stares were coming from Monica Winfrey, and Paige Diaz. Both of them were Dana’s good friends, although they both hated her guts. Each of them felt like they should be better than her, since Monica is the richest teen in the whole school. Her dad owns some kind of crab fishing industry in Iceland, and her mom is a surgeon. She makes sure everyone knows it too. Then there’s Paige Diaz who is also very rich, and her parents go on a lot of vacations to tropical places, and also to Europe, so she always has the nicest clothes, and has a year around tan.

  “I think Clara could take her,” I heard someone whisper a bit too loudly. I was a little surprised to hear this seeing as how I’m the scrawniest person alive.
 “Yeah, but Dana is ripped. She does Yoga and a bunch of other shit,” I heard Bryce say, and by “other shit” he means that she’s in karate, kick-boxing, and some kind of Japanese Kung foo thing. You would think a girl being in all these things would be pretty much ripped, which she is, but she still somehow has a bigger bust than most girls, and just overall nice curves.
  “Clara, I just asked you a question,” Lizzie said.  She had elbow on the desk and her hand resting on her face. Lizzie and I had been best friends since public school. Although we are completely different, we kind of fit together like two puzzle pieces.
  “Sorry, I was zoned out,” I said with a laugh.
  “What are you wearing to the November dance?” She asked. She fixed her black side bangs that were pinned to the side with a hello kitty clip.
  “I completely forgot about that,” I said,
  “Or an even better question, who’re you going with?” She asked with a wink. She and I both laughed at this, while Josh just stared at me expecting an answer, but I didn’t know. I didn’t even plan on going, but I knew Lizzie and Sabrinna would make me go.
    “Let’s just take one bad situation at a time,” I said with a laugh. Lizzie smiled at this, the dimples in her cheeks deepening. 

The End

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