past 1 - a little lie- part 2Mature


Part 2


    Bryce and Paul starred at me with empty expressions, as if they were deciding whether or not to believe him. Donny obviously noticed this too, because he brought his mouth to my ear and he whispered, “Agree with me honey, or your gay friend here gets the shit kicked outta him.” He said with a laugh, and then he kissed me neck. My face in response scrunched up and I pushed him away. He laughed a little and he nodded towards Bryce and Paul. I knew Donny definitely had his connections, but I wouldn’t think he would go as far as beating up my best friend just to get me to go along with his little lie.
            “Yeah we did,” I said smiling, finally deciding. Bryce’s eyebrows rose, and Paul’s mouth dropped. Donny laughed a little.
            “Told you—”
            “But he was awful,” I added with a laugh, “It was like he had no idea what he was doing,” Bryce covered his mouth trying not to laugh. Paul’s mouth remained dropped. “And I’m not even gonna start with how small his—”
“ALRIGHT THEN.” Donny said clearly offended. I smiled at him, and he glared back. That’s when the bus pulled up, and stopped right next to me. The doors opened, and I climbed on, but before I did, I waved at him.
“See you around baby,” I said with a wink. I then walked to my seat, put my guitar case in the seat in front of me, and pulled out my I-pod and tuned into the music and tuned out the world.

            “Is that true?” Josh said nudging my shoulder,
            “Pfft, no are you kidding me?” I started to laugh, and he kind of smiled at this. “But I’m listening to my music so….” He nodded knowing I don’t like being disturbed in the morning, but when I thought about it, I couldn’t be any more disturbed then I already was. Donny Hudson, I thought to myself, you are such a champ.

            Rumours in my school spread at a ridiculous speed. If a scientist could capture its’ energy, he could fly to mars and back in mere seconds. This was mostly because of how small my town was. Everyone pretty much knew, or at least heard of everyone. Donny Hudson was definitely no exception, but then again neither was I, I suppose. At first it was just a few stares on the bus, which made Josh who was sitting beside me feel a bit uncomfortable, then I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out, and opened the messages. When I read the name my heart felt as if it had stopped beating for a moment. Everything just stopped working as her name echoed in my mind.

It was from Dana Trudeau.

I rested my phone on my leg, and changed the song on my I-pod. My mind was frantic yet clear at the same time. Part of me wanted to read the text, whatever horrors it might show, and the other wanted me to open the bus seat window and chuck it. I nudged Josh in the side. He snorted, because he had somehow fallen asleep. He stirred awake and looked at me.
    “Can you read this text? And tell me if it’s bad or not?” I handed him my phone. He rolled his eyes, but took it. I could see his bored expression changed into somewhat of a face of horror as he read the name. The light on the screen went brighter as he opened the message. His expression of shock didn’t change as he read it. He then took in a deep breath, and instead of reading it, he through it on my lap.
     “I’m not getting involved with this,” He said shaking his head. I picked up my phone, and turned it over slowly, like a person in a horror movie opening the closet door to see what was making the strange noises. Instead of a monster, or a psycho killer jumping out and attacking, 4 words were there. They waited for me to process them. I read them over, and over. I could feel my gut start to tighten as fear rose in my chest.  The words stood in block letters staring at my face.

The End

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