Past 1 - A little lie - Part 1Mature

Past 1
A Little Lie
Part 1

        I walked to the end of my drive way. The cold air was sending chills down my legs and arms.  I pulled my coat closer around my body with my one hand, for the other hand was occupied with my guitar case.  I got to the end of the drive-way and I looked down the road to the corner which was my destination. I could see a few people already there. I looked up at the cloudy sky and took in a deep breath of the morning air. It was late November, and everyone was waiting observantly for the first snow fall. The clouds looked tempted to pour, but something was holding them back.  There was only 100 feet from the bench that marked the bus stop and a guy with almost shoulder length black curly hair was already sitting. He had a skinny face with a long nose. His eyes were bright blue, and were unfortunately the only pleasant thing about him. He saw me, and waved. I nodded in response.
     “Clara! You are such a champ, you bought me a guitar!” he said jokingly reaching out for my guitar case.
“Nice try, Josh,” I said with a laugh bringing it around my back. Josh came closer to me, and his forehead pressed against mine. His hands were casually in his pockets, as if this was normal,
“I love you,” he said with a smile,
“Yeah, maybe if I was a dude you would,” I said pushing him away with a laugh.
            “And then she was like all over my body man!” Josh and I looked over to who had said it. Of course it was the infamous asshole named Donny Hudson.         “Would you keep that to yourself?” Josh said.
            “Yah faggot?” Bryce, Donny’s best friend, said, and everyone laughed in response. Josh gave them a dirty look and turned to me. He gave a big sigh, and rolled his eyes pretending not to care. I gave him a pat on the shoulder,
“heads up man,” I said with a smile. He returned it, and straightened his back.
            “But yeah man! She was a ten!” Donny continued running his hands through his blonde hair, and flexing his muscles in the process. The conversations between these three idiots were always the entertainment of the morning for Josh and me. For them the world was all about partying, sex, football, sleeping, pizza, and chips.
            “But what about Dana, man?” Paul, the other best friend of Donny’s, asked. Donny turned to him with a smirk.  
            “Don’t worry about it. I’ll be single by tonight,”
            “That’s what you always say man!” Bryce said slapping Donny on the back.
            “Yeah, you are completely whipped for her!” Paul added. Donny shot him a deadly look.
            “If I was, then would I have banged that chick?” He said walking up to Paul with his back straight, attempting to look intimidating.
            “Well no,” Paul said backing away a little bit. Paul’s eyes then seemed to flash with a sudden realization.
“Unless you’re lying,” Donny went quiet as Paul and Bryce starred at him intently. Donny swallowed, and said, “Dude, would I lie about something like this?” Bryce and Paul looked at each other, and then back at Donny with a nod.
“Bro, come on,” Donny protested.
            “Prove it then!” Bryce said.
            “Yeah,” Paul agreed, “text her right now!” I could see Donny started to panic. That’s when the wildest thing, that started a crazy string of events happened in a matter of a simple glace, three steps, and him wrapping his arm around my shoulders. This was followed by a sentence that would change my life forever.
            “I don’t need to text her,” Donny said looking straight into my eyes, “because she’s standing right here,”

The End

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