The Butterfly

Amanda was in love, she had never been in love before! She always had been a late bloomer, she was 25 and she was of average build with long black hair and bright green eyes and today she had a spring in her step and lightness in her heart.

'Thomas' she breathed and giggled girlishly, they met  a year ago in the library of all places and it was their anniversary today and he was taking her to a very posh restaurant. She was a little bit nervous as she had a funny feeling that something big was going to happen.

Little did she know it would be the worst day of her life.

'Hey baby' Thomas said as she walked upto him, she had her hair straight and it reached the bottom of her back, she had green eye shadow on which set off her eyes like emeralds and she had on a lacy short black dress. Thomas thought she looked like an angel.

'lets go in babe, happy anniversary!' and as they were crossing the road a speeding car smashed into Amanda killing her instantly, as her soul left her body, a beautiful black and green butterfly was hatched out of its cocoon.

The butterfly was Amanda's soul but something had gone wrong and she would not be carried to heaven just yet, she had a big secret to find out about Thomas

The End

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