The robberyMature

As John walked out of the diamond cutters he was elated with joy and happiness, but he was also slightly unnerved as he had started to wonder how the diamond had got there in the first place and what he might have got into. On his way home he had to walk past the butchers he worked in and noticed that all the windows were smashed and there was a police car outside. He walked over to the policeman who was a broad fellow about 6 foot tall with peircing blue eyes. "whats happened here?" inquired John. "Theres been a break in im afraid all the moneys gone from the cash register and we cant seem to get hold of the owner he's not at home". "OH DAMN, DAMN, DAMNIT" shouted John  "Whatever is the matter sir?" asked the police man. "Its my godamn shop isn't it!" Shouted John. "Im sorry to hear it but ive got no idea why they came to this particular shop they could have raided the jewllers down the street" said the policeman. "oh its alright it's not your fault  ill just go back home" sighed John. He meandered back to his flat on the 7th floor of a block of flats in East London

The End

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