The ButcherMature

A Butcher gets caught in a very dangerous operation when he finds something in one of his cows

He was just a ordinary butcher until this very day when he found something that would change his life. It was the 22nd of April 2004 and John Butterman a middle aged man with short black hair, Green eyes and a pot belly was in the cold room of Butterman & sons butchers in London. He was butchering one of the organic cows from somewhere up north. CHOP went the glinting steel blade of his butchers knife and off came the underside of the cow. Then the blade struck something hard, John had been a butcher for 12 years now and he knew there shouldn't have been anything hard there so he investigated further. He could see something glinting in the fleshy belly of the beast. He stuck his rough hands inside the slightly jelly like flesh of the cow and pulled out what looked like a diamond infact he was almost sure it was a diamond. He went to the sink and washed it in ice cold water and put it in his pocket it was actually quite heavy. Later on that warm spring day he dressed in his best clothes trying to look at least slightly wealthy and went to Castle and Pryor Ltd diamond cutters to get the value of the stone checked. He went up to one of the desks and asked to see someone who could tell him the value of the diamond. After a wait of a about of about an hour he went into a room and was confronted by a tall lanky man who introduced himself as Mr Parker. John laid the clear diamond on the table infront of him and as Mr Parker turned on the light and as it glittered he gasped in astonishment. " you have a..any idea how much this is worth?" stammered Mr Parker "no im afraid i dont" said John. "This diamond is prismatic which makes it worth about 20 million pounds!" Exclaimed Mr Parker  " IM RICH!" Shouted John. Little did he know that this diamond would be the start of his many problems that would face him in the coming weeks.

The End

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