The Eye Witness

I find that I'm a very poor eye-witness, since I've been blind most of my life. However, even a blind person could see the total distruction that has occurred to this bus. And I have my extra senses which I can relay to you. The smell of napom and jp4 and the whirl of distruction in the air gave life to the death of the bus. The tires bounced around me as I dodged the glass from the windows and the parts of the engine that flew thru the air.

The scrambling of the feet as the exit door slammed against the bus gave an indication of the emergency of the bus. As the inhabinents strolled from the bus unhurt and happy to have survived such a calamity.

This bus will remain as a momument to why one should not drive intoxicated. Speed was not a factor as the soft ground gulped in the bus. And yet what is the bus doing in the middle of a pasture? Were the inhabinents humans or cows or something of the unknown species?????

The End

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