The Bus that Went Mad


A bus went on the rampage in London today and started bashing loads of people. The bus went absolutely mad and flew over loads of vehicles. Troops had to be called out to deal with the violent bus that was attacking people and killing parked cars.  On one occasion the bus rammed into a policeman knocking his head off. The head flew up a wall and burst into an office by smashing the window. Such was the impact of the head that the office worker blew up and all his organs jumped out of his body. The heart and lungs flew out of the window and turned into monsters. In fact the lungs grew hair, frightening the life out of everybody. In fact a man who happened to be walking down the street got thrown about when the hairy lungs grabbed hold of him. The lungs then chucked him into the road where a car ran over him causing him to become fried meat. The hairy lungs then made a meal of him.             


Meanwhile, the mad London bus continued on it's rampage and even knocked a lamp post over. The lamp post got up on it's feet and started bashing the bus. In fact one person got such a fright that his eyes flew out of their sockets and shot right up into the sky. the eyes went' SMASH, right into the moon knocking it out of it's joint. The moon fell down into outer space and smashed Mars up. Fragments of the red planet caught fire and burnt the sun. As a result the sun died and Earth was plunged into darkness because there was no sun to turn night time into daytime. The dead sun got attacked and eaten by crocodiles that happened to be floating in outer space. The crocodiles, some of them 200 miles long had teeth about the size of two Londons put together.


The mad London bus had to be dealt with because the sun got murdered by the moon which smashed Mars up so that the fragments of the red planet could then go on the rampage and kill the sun. Troops were called out by the government to deal with the murderous London bus before it could destroy the universe, and what they did was that they took off their own heads and threw them at the bus, but the bus hit back and chucked the human heads (the solders' own heads) at the soldiers. In fact nothing could kill the mad bus that had murdered loads of people and parked cars as well as the River Thames. What happened was that the bus jumped into the River Thames and bit it so hard that the river died. Blood poured out of the river and turned into blood men, men made of blood.


The blood men went on the rampage and wreaked havoc throughout London with a little help from the mad London bus.


Even the army couldn't deal with the murderous monsters that were attacking London.


Before long London's population got wiped out by the mad London bus and the men made of blood that were created when the River Thames was murdered after being bitten by the mad London bus turning the River Thames into a blood - filled river. The blood then turned into blood men (men made of blood) who then attacked London.


The only way to deal with these monsters was to use a bomb manufactured from dead animals because the bacteria in these bombs was strong enough to kill. The bomb were dropped from the planet Venus and hit the Earth killing the blood men and murderous London bus.


To replace the entire population of London that had been wiped out by these murderers, the mad bus and the blood men, a factory was set up in outer space for the sole purpose of manufacturing human beings - the first human factory in the entire universe.


A factory that make's human beings is a good idea because if an entire population get's wiped out by murderous monsters, being that of mad buses and other monsters then this is the only way to compensate for the loss.

The End

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