The Bus that Went Mad

A bus went on the rampage in London today and started bashing loads of people. The bus went absolutely mad and flew over loads of vehicles. Troops had to be called out to deal with the violent bus that was attacking people and killing parked cars.  On one occasion the bus rammed into a policeman knocking his head off. The head flew up a wall and burst into an office by smashing the window. Such was the impact of the head that the office worker blew up and all his organs jumped out of his body. The heart and lungs flew out of the window and turned into monsters. In fact the lungs grew hair, frightening the life out of everybody. In fact a man who happened to be walking down the street got thrown about when the hairy lungs grabbed hold of him. The lings then chucked him into the road where a car ran over him causing him to become fried meat. The hairy lungs then made a meal of him.

The End

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