The Strange Telling

September 12, 1967

That fellow, Mr. Hastings, came by today and met with Maddison in the garden, or the rectangular segment of ebony soil she had filled it with. ''Mornin'.'', he called to me when he spotted me at the door. We met and I asked him of his farmwork. ''The wind's movin kinda slow now, could be going away. I'll need a good old warmth for the crops to survive this month's harvest.'', he told me. I saw the land etched in the crop works of his farming labor, and it was in broad space. Above the landscape, the sky was swallowed into another cold haze, and the sky was like a mirky fog, migrating slow.

The treelife about the house, dark in the construction of woodwork and planks, swayed and rustled, abruptly exciting the crows watching from there. ''The wind is seeming to run stronger every morning.'', I mentioned. When the wind was tamed for a minute, Mr. Hastings asked me, ''How long do you plan to stay here in this house yall got?''. ''I'm thinkin that I'll stay for a long time here in Burkshire, Jerry.'', I said without delay. ''Oh, well, thats too bad Jeff.'', he said. ''I don't understand, Jerry.'', I asserted. ''I'll tell ya here and now, Jeff. I'm safe at my side of the land, with my farm, and everythin's calm and quiet up there, Jeff. But you don't know, and probably wouldn't understand what be happenin or what goes on here in these parts of Burkshire. Ever wonder why nobody ever comes through the road here, not because it's a useless road, it goes straight into town, but because people get scared at these parts of Burkshire.''.

He had left me stunned, but he told me more of this tale when I asked him, ''What? What scares people here?''. He told me in response, ''Oh, well, it won't seem much to you, but it's a telling we keep quiet around the children and the women here, and I know surely that even those officer men know quite a bit about this stuff. But if you want me to tell you, Jeff, you must see how we have seen things here in Burkshire.''. ''I understand.'', said I. ''Something, Jeff, something is wrong with Burkshire here, and I haven't had a thought about an explaination of what goes around here sometimes. Now Jeff, I've lived here since ma childhood, and things have happened to me since then, only, in this Burkshire region of farm and forest. Things happen to Burkshire, and yet those deputy men go on telling us nothing out of everything that goes on wrong here in Burkshire as we had seen it go. I know that, now, them indian peoples had already things goin on before Burkshire, and now that them indian places were left old and ancient, I've found things in the Burkshire woods that still questions me now.''.

I found something persuasive out of his story, although he was not sure what was the Thing that caused the fear and lore to go on here, I wanted to study this place, the region of Burkshire, in the hope of a historical acheivement, which was also neccessery for Callings to know about.

The End

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