Pressure: Part I

The whole school day was boring, nothing exciting happened. I'd always wished that I could drop out of school, but I know that'll never happen as long as my mom's still alive. But I was invited to some party that was celebrating the end of school, since it's in a couple day.

Beeeeep! My phone began to ring, and I noticed I was getting a call from a private number. I answered my phone and said, "Hello?"

I didn't hear anything except for heavy breathing. I blinked then ended the call. I felt a chill go down my spine. The heck was that? I thought to myself. Shaking my head, I tell myself, "Whatever, it's just a prank caller."

I jump when my phone starts ringing again, except this time it's Paige. I pick up my phone and answer it, "Hey!"

"Hey, you goin' to the party?" I can hear the excitement in her voice.

"Well, duh. Wouldn't miss it. But do you think you could come pick me up? My mom grounded me from my car, because she thinks I 'use it too much'."

"Sure! And I'm sorry about what I said earlier, I was just a little mad... Forgive me?"

"Yeah, I forgive you. You forgive me for yelling?"

She laughs a short, girly laugh. "Of course I forgive you."

I smile and sit down, "Alright, well I have to get ready. See you in an hour?"

"See you in an hour." She hung up after she said that, and I started rummaging through clothes. Gotta get ready, gotta get ready, gotta get ready, I sang to myself as I began getting ready for the party.

The End

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