The Beginning

Clicking on the e-mail, I open it and read it aloud, but not loud enough for Paige to hear.

Do you realize how disgustingly rude you are? All you do is sit and judge people. Judge them by their clothing, hair, and the way they live their life. Don't you realize how rude that is? You, ma'am, need to straighten your act up, and stop being such a bi--

Yeah, I stopped right there, I didn't want to read any further.

"What's that?" Paige asks, setting down her pink iPhone. I pull up a different tab to hide the e-mail.

"Nothing, just my ex-boyfriend again," I shrug and pull the blanket around me tighter. I swallowed hard, eyes stinging. I don't judge people. I mean, maybe I've made a few rude comments about a few people, but I never meant to hurt anyone.

"Oh... okay... But my mom called, and I need to go home," she says to me, mouth pulled down in a frown.

"But, I thought you could stay the night?" I raise an eyebrow at her and glance at her bag full of clothes that now had no meaning.

"Well, my grandpa's really sick, and in the hospital, so my mom wants me to come home, and, yeah." She picked up her bag and wrapped the strap around her shoulder.

She gave me a big hug and smiled at me, "I'll see you Monday, Jess."

I smile back, "Yeah, I hope your grandpa's okay."

Once she walks out my bedroom door, I sit back down in my computer chair and pull back up that e-mail. I click on the reply button and begin typing.

Um, excuse me, but who is this? I think you may have the wrong e-mail address, because I surely do not need to "straighten my act up."

I push send and close my laptop. Lifting up my phone, I notice I have zero messages, which was kind of unusual for me, so I set my phone down on the lamp table and curl up in my bed.

It was only 9 o'clock, way early for me to be going to sleep, but I had nothing else to do. I pulled the blankets up to my ears and close my eyes, falling asleep not long after I close my eyes.

The End

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