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This, is the bully project. It is not a story. It is something in the works of being made happen. Be ready, the bullies are going down.

Ladies and gentlemen, I approach you with words of wisdom.

Every time I watch Ben Breedlove's story, part one and two, I cry.
I can't help it, it makes my heart hurt.

Who, was Ben Breedlove?

Ben Breedlove, for those who don't know, was a ridiculous smart boy. He was headed for good things. But, he had a heart condition. HMC. He cheated death, three times.

On Christmas day of 2011, his heart couldn't take it anymore, and he died.

He was a very bright young man, and he had everything going for him. It sucks that he didn't get to graduate, but that's like so many other kids that are murdered, commit suicide, or die of natural causes. It's a life cycle, but it still makes us sad. It is worth giving a damn.

*That is why it is so hard to understand why only a select few that die are given special attention, when there are so many other children out there like them, or worse then them.*

*Rachel Ehmke?
Joel Moreles?
Tyler Clementi?
Ryan Halligan?
Jamie Hubley?
Jamey Rodmeyer?
Jim Wheeler?
Asher Brown?
Seth Walsh?
Billy Lucas?
Raymond Chase?
Cody Barker?
Harrison Brown?
Felix Sacco?
Caleb Nolt?
Zach Harrington?
Brandon Elizares?*

But I bet *none of you have heard of them.*
Don't you know how *cruel* this is? *Unfair*?

*It isn't fair, because some of them were Gay, Lesbian, bi, or something else. It's not fair to get bullied for something trivial*. I mean, does it honestly matter what my sexuality is? It's *my* business- not *yours*. You, can decide if you're having sex, and who with. So can I.

As for the bullying.. Oh lord. You have no idea. I spent years, protecting my brother from dickheads, At our youth center, they had to call my mum to tell her they had to keep us separate because of how much I protected him. Once, one of the guys invited me to hang out with him and his friends, after I had told him to back off.

One of our bus drivers was rude to both of us. I don't know what he had against us, but I tried to be polite, and it didn't work. We ended up suspended from the bus due to my telling the bus driver to stop being such a jerk.

Honestly, I know a lot of the bullies out there know EXACTLY what their words do. They know EXACTLY what effect they have. They just *don't care*. And really, everyone's excuse that they're only *"insecure and need a friend"*, is untrue. And saying ignore it doesn't help. Saying that they're just words, saying that the kids don't actually mean it, no. They aren't insecure anymore guys. And we can't ignore it, because words DO hurt. Just words? Yes, but they have a massive impact on us, too! Kids don't *mean it*? That goes with insecurity. The thing is, they *DO* mean it. They *don't care about the effect* anymore. We can't go to the office about it anymore, we can't say anything about it anymore, because no matter what, it will always get *WORSE*. And *no one seems to understand this. No one seems to get that there is no way to get away from it, it goes with you everywhere. No matter what school, there is always that bitch, or dick. No matter what, no matter where. There is no way to escape it anymore.*

You can't tell us to fend for ourselves, you can't tell us to fight back, or to not fight back. It's not as simple as telling to fight, or not to fight back. We are so scared, that we can't find the voice. There is no changing it anymore, because everyone is giving up. The changes happen *after* it's too late. *After* the kid is *gone* and they have a *reason to do something about it*. The anti-bullying thing *didn't work*, they did it in private. Even the *Cameras* don't matter, because *no matter what*, there will *always* be that cluster of people *against* you.

So *take a chance*. *Don't* let it keep *happening*. *Don't keep quiet.* If it's happening to *you*- *Speak up.* If *you know someone it's happening to*- *Stop being a bystander.* *Fight, for the right to live peacefully. Fight, for the right to not have to go through this agony.

Fight, for the right to live.*

*No one can take that away from you.*
Only *you*, *yourself*, can.
*Don't stand alone. Unite. We can all do this, together.*

*End of broadcast*

I want this passed along. Link it *EVERYWHERE.* Link it to your friends, link it to people and sites you don't know. My mum and I are going to start a site and program for this, we are going to make this happen. If you're wondering or asking, I wrote that, yes. I twas meant to be something short and meaningful about Ben Breedlove, and it turned into so much more.

Please listen to me.

*Get this in your school.*

Get this, EVERYWHERE. This needs to happen. I'm working on everything right now.
*But you have to trust me and make sure this gets linked, to everyone, everything, everywhere.*

The End

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