Jesse was beautiful, popular, loved by everyone, but she begins receiving weird, and quite rude, e-mails and text messages. After tracking down the sender of the messages, she makes a shocking discovery.

"Ugh, Brad's texting me again," Paige was laying on my bed, blonde hair pulled up in a messy bun. It was Saturday night, and she was staying the night at my house. I was curled up in blankets, sitting in my computer chair and playing on my laptop.

"Brad your brother? Or Brad your ex-boyfriend?" I glance back at her, her face grimacing as she reads another text on her phone.

"Ex-boyfriend," she purses her lips and looks up at me. Her dark brown eyes were lined with black, and, in a way, made her look a little frightening. I turn back to my laptop when I hear a bing. I had a new e-mail.

Pulling up yahoo, I notice the message is from... Evan Ackerland?

Okay, I wanted nothing to do with my ex-boyfriend. And more than likely, this was just an e-mail asking for me back, so I deleted it without even opening it to see what it said.

"Who was that?" Paige asks as she sits next to me in my bean-bag chair.

"Just Evan, probably asking for me to take him back. I don't know why he wants me to take him back, he can just stay with that fatty he cheated on me with." I grumble angrily.

"Oh, mom's calling, hold up." She picked up her phone off of my bed where she had laid it last and answered.


I got another e-mail. I looked over, and saw it was addressed from "unknown."

What the heck?

The End

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