The Bullfrogs of Watermelon Prime

One may have heard of Bullfrogs,
Who eat flies, and lay amongst the lilypads.

But have you ever experienced
the mystical Bullfrogs from the great
Lilypad neighbourhood of Wartington?

There, Bullfrogs consumed great pink melons.

There, I said it. Big. Pink. Melons.

You may take it as you wish!
However, consuming the watermelons
Is a serious matter!

As the sweet, juicy, meat is gorged upon,
The fancy Bullfrogs from Wartington
Store seeds in each cheek,
Ready to croak and spit, at their neighbours

The Frogs of Tohmahtoe,
Whom the Bullfrogs consider

Lesser beings
Fear the Springtime gorgfest -
As they are without ammunition
When the Bully's approach with
Their seeds, and their croaks.

The End

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