The Building (pg.2)

This particular night in May was unusually cold and as the boy watched the building from his usual hiding spot he contemplated whether the barn would be warm enough. When all the children had left, he lifted himself from the ground and slowly approached the building. He started, as he always had, by trying to turn the last handle on the right and slowly moving towards the left. Each remained impartial. The cold of the night had begun to seep into his bones and in blatant frustration he hung upon the handle second in from the left. After a good number of moments had passed, the boy shift all this weight back and simply stood there. The handle slid suddenly from its resting place forcing the boy to the ground.

As he lay on the ground he noticed two eyes emerge from behind slot at the top of the window. The eyes, an icy grey, would have terrified the other children, but to this particular boy they imparted reassurance. So there he lay in the pulsating darkness losing himself to the irises of the building. The moon had risen high over head before the child realized that something must be done. He did not desire to share his discoveries with those who would not appreciate it. In his fruitless attempts to temporarily blind the building, he sat upon a rock and deliberated with the building. He offered his visitation in return for hiding its eyes; he offered to clean it in return for keeping his secret, but after each it retained its current position. At last the boy could no longer stand the cold so he waved to the building, as he had every other night, and departed. 

On that unusually cold night the boy sought his warmer hideaways and remained in the one under the stairs of the local bakery. This nook was the warmest of the boys dwellings. The heat from the ovens radiated through the concrete and warmed the mosses off the boys bed. That night the boys dreams were punctured with images of the building and its eyes. That night he slept as he had when his parents had still walked the earth. His mind appeased with the knowledge that he was one step closer to finding the purpose of the building.

The End

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