The Building of Scrolls

A man and his cat work for a writer who is obsessed with words, a unique orphan girl who does not know where she came from or who she is, and a talking pen. 4 come together to reach a building that will reveal thier past and change their futures.

The ingenious cat owner duplicated a map in the White House for the mystery writer.  The cat owner looked up at the clock, and grumbled to himself. He looked at his cloud white hand which was swinging at his side, very numb.

"I really need a doctor" he whispered.

He had sprained his hand an hour ago, trying to get up the slippery steps of the white house without being noticed.  He had gone in the bathroom window and copied the map with his stinging hand. When he had finished, his hand had gone strangely numb.  On top of that,  water had gotten on the  master copy  and it had made the cat owner have to look at the map harder to see it.

There was n ear splitting knock on the bathroom door. The cat owner had to get out of the building, and fast. So, he skid to the window, opened it and jumped out.Pathetically, he fell on his back, and was winded for a moment.

He quickly checked if the maps were there. They were. His spirits high, he leaped up and sprinted to his black mustang car.  His cat,  Rogue, was sitting proudly in the drivers seat.  The cat owner pushed the cat aside and turned the key, and sped away. 

The speedometer reached  80 when the  man heard police sirens.  He  was the only car on the back road in Maryland, and so it made the man more annoyed to see a cop.  He gently went to the right side of the road and stopped the car. The police car stopped right behind him, and the angry cop stalked to the driver window of the man's  car.

"Show me your license!'The policeman ordered. The cat owner fiddled for his wallet and pulled out the card.

Xenic Linch Holt  it said in bold letters at the top of the card, and underneath was his picture that had been taken the year before.The policeman looked at the card, and back at Xenic.

"Okay Mr. Holt,  I'm writing you a  ticket for speeding 40 miles over'' The angry cop said. Xenic look at the car's wheel and cursed  silently.

"how much are you going to charge?"Xenic questioned nervously.

"since I'm in a bad mood, $1000 dollars" The cop said while handing the piece of paper to him, and then dismissed Xenic with a flick of his hand. Xenic pretended to search for something while the police car drove the opposite way. Xenic sneezed and drove straight, not thinking about the ticket, or about the fact that another  $1000  will come out of the bank from his savings. Tears  ran down Xenic's cheeks.

"This is all his fault, this is his fault that I am doomed" Xenic yelled. He headed for  the  nearest hospital  to get a cast for his limp hand. He had enough time.

Rogue came out from under the seat. His spotted brown pelt flattened from having to lay in a tight space. Rogue knew that his master was crying, and he knew that his master himself had gotten them both in trouble.

Not that Rogue cared. He had plans that would turn he and his master's life around, and all Rogue needed was to get to the building that the map led to.

Then all would come into place.


The End

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