The Building Inspector

George died in the late afternoon.  He was 101 years old, and the cause of death was injuries sustained after falling off the roof of a 14 story building.  Doctors said he would have lived another 10 years had it not been for the unfortunate accident.

Some people thought it was suicide, but they just didn't know the facts.  George was a building inspector.  People told him he should have retired years ago (1973 to be exact) but he wouldn't have it.  Anyway, he was up there that day on a complaint about unsafe railings around the roof.  The picture getting clearer?  If it is, fill me in, because I've been hired to find George's killer.

Alright, well there's more to the story.  A witness in the building across the street, Toby Martin, says he saw a red haired man on the roof with George, but no one has come forward with that description.  Now you might be thinking what I thought.  Maybe it was an accident, but this carrot-top's too scared to come forward.  Except for one other thing.  The witness said they were arguing something fierce.  He also said he can't be sure, but he thinks old George might have kicked red in the kiwis.

Now I asked Toby: you see these two guys yelling, one even kicks the other where it hurts, so how is it that you missed the part where George fell?  It seems natural curiosity would make you want to keep watching.  He said he was curious, but he was already late for a job interview.

As coincidence would have it, our same witness almost became a victim himself.  On his way to his job interview, he missed getting hit by the falling George by about 15 feet.  Didn't even hear him coming, since George wasn't screaming on the way down.  I'll tell ya, that would have gone down as some Guiness World record for the luckiest criminal had he pushed George a few seconds earlier.  Killing his victim and, by chance, the only witness in one fell swoop.  'Course, no one would have known.

The End

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