The Builder

Phillip yawned as he got home and walked upstairs groggily, swaying a bit as he nearly missed a step.  He gripped onto the stair rail, trying to force his light green eyes open.  He didn’t want to be found sleeping on the stairs again.  Susan would fuss over him again and tell him not to work so late on the building site then probably guilt him into staying at home for over a week.  But the thing was, he needed to make sure those foundations were stable, he could get sued if he didn’t check one little thing properly.  The lights upstairs flicked on and Phillip looked up blearily, pushing his silver hair out of his face to look up.

“What?” he mumbled tiredly as a hand took his arm and helped him up the stairs “Who’s that, what’s going on?”

“Phillip, you look shattered,” Susan’s delicate voice reached his ears “And look at you!  You’re a right mess!”


“You stink of sweat too!  When was the last time you had a shower?”

Phillip paused, his eyes drooping as his feet slowly followed after his massive and well-built torso.

“I don’t know,” he mumbled tiredly.

“Oh honestly, you’re an impossible brother, do you know that?”

Phillip smiled to himself as Susan began complaining about him like she normally did when he arrived home late.

“I mean, I’m not your girlfriend, Phillip,” she scolded in a typical older sister tone “You need to take care of yourself!  I don’t like having to clean up after you and worry about you all evening when you don’t show up to have dinner!  You’ll never get a girlfriend if you keep this up.  A girl likes independence in a man!”

“I’m…independent…” Phillip protested feebly.

“Independent my foot!” Susan snorted and shook her head with a sigh “Well, at least you’re not out all night drinking, that’s a real turn off for the ladies.  Perhaps you should go to a bar one night, you might meet someone special then start making an effort to get back home in time for dinner.  You know, sometimes I get worried that you might have been mugged or something.  The streets at night aren’t as safe like they were back in the day you know.  Really, I always imagine a scenario where the police find your dead body in some field!  You really worry me, Phillip.  I wish you would consider that before coming back at two in the morning!”

Phillip yawned loudly as Susan led him somewhere and stripped his clothes off him.  He felt her hands push him onto his bed and have the blanket tucked around him tightly.  He snuggled into his bed happily with a content smile, his body relaxing fully when it realised that it was finally ready to go to sleep.

The End

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