The Brothers Brave

The Three Little Kittens are grown up, and now live as thieves and outlaws called the Brothers Brave, robbing pie shipments and evading the kingdom's soldiers. But when an evil with begins abducting animals to turn into her slaves, and her most recent abductee is the Brother's mother, they must find the courage to go on a quest to find the only weapon that can kill the witch and save the kingdom...



          The blue cat named James peeked out from around the corner of the large rock, looking down the hillside toward the dirt road below. His tail twitched nervously, and his large blue eyes narrowed, as he spotted the target. It was an ornately-decorated redwood carriage, pulled by four black horses, and sitting at the front was a warthog coach. James sighed, and unsheathed his sword. He raised it above his bandanna-wrapped head, and the glare from the afternoon sun caught the weapon, making the thin blade gleam. James rotated it a few times, to make the light flicker off the blade. He knew that the others would see it.

          Sure enough, as James lowered his weapon, he saw another carriage, pulled by a single large brown horse appear from behind another hill, and pulled onto the road directly behind the first carriage. James saw another blue cat, his brother, Oscar, steering the carriage, and though he could not see it, he could imagine the fierce, determined expression that would be on his face. Oscar was the type that would never stop until the mission was completed.

          James kept himself hidden, but stayed ready for his moment…


* * *


          Oscar whipped the reins, and the horse galloped faster, towards the target. He scowled, as he saw the carriage’s driver look around the side, and spot his pursuer. The warthog’s face looked terrified, as he locked eyes with Oscar, who hissed at him. Oscar heard the driver yell, “We’re under attack!”

          Oscar moved instantaneously, leaping to his hind legs and taking out his sword. He shouted into the back of the carriage, “Lewis! Take the reins! I’m gonna transfer!”

          Another blue cat, taller and more muscular than his brothers, stepped out from behind the drapes, and Oscar pushed the reins into his paws. Lewis yelled above the roar of the speeding carriages, “You’re gonna what? Don’t be nuts, Oscar!”

          Oscar said, “I’ll be nuts if I don’t,” and before Lewis could react, Oscar leapt across the gap, sailing through the air. His braid flapped in the air, and he landed on the roof of the other carriage. His feet made a soft thump as he touched down, and Oscar heard from within the carriage, “Alright, you swine, let’s kill these little devils once and for all!”

          Oscar placed himself in a fencing pose, ready for an attack. No sooner had he done so when the carriage’s doors swung open, and three warthogs clambered up onto the roof, wielding swords of their own. The carriage shook violently as it sped down the road, and it was difficult to keep balance, let alone fight, as Oscar engaged his foes. His sword swept in an elegant dance, the sound of the carriage drowned out by the loud clang of metal striking metal. Oscar kept himself in motion, his legs twisting and sliding as his sword swiftly dueled with the warthogs’ larger blades. He also did not have to worry about guarding his tail, thanks to the fact that he had already lost it years ago.

          Oscar hissed loudly while he fought, and succeeded in forcing one warthog off of the roof, and saw it fall into the dirt on the roadside. He swung his blade like a striking snake, fencing with incredible speed against the remaining two animals. He then saw a cat-shaped shadow fall across the roof, growing rapidly larger, and Oscar looked up to see his brother James plummeting out of the sky, having leaped from the passing hill. James knocked one of the warthogs off the roof as he landed, and his sword joined Oscar’s as they both fought the remaining foe.

          Oscar yelled, above the clanging noises, “You need to be faster!”

          James quipped back, “You need to be slower!”

          “Being slow doesn’t win fights!”

          “Neither does arguing, so we might as well stop!”

          Oscar rolled his eyes, as their swords swung together, striking the blade of the warthog with such force that it was knocked from his hooves. The pig stared at them for a half-second, and then threw himself over the side, rolling into the dirt. James sheathed his sword, and waved at Lewis, who had kept their carriage not far behind. Lewis waved back, and Oscar growled, “Let’s stop this thing.”

          Oscar jumped onto the driver’s seat, and the warthog squealed in fright as Oscar put his blade-point to his throat. The cat hissed, “Pull over, pig. This is our shipment now.”

          The warthog instantly complied, pulling the reins, and the horses skidded to a stop. Lewis stopped his carriage as well, and tossed Oscar a rope. The cat proceeded to start tying up the pig, ignoring his pleads for mercy, and James walked to the back of the carriage. He saw two large doors, kept shut with a large bolt. James looked over to Lewis, who stood next to him, and said, “Lewis? Why don’t you give us a hand?”

          Lewis cracked his knuckles, and placed both paws on the bolt, and with a loud roar yanked it off the doors. They swung open to reveal a massive pile of food. Vegetables, fruits, candies, bread, cakes, pastries…

          Lewis smacked his lips. “Let’s see if they got what we need!” He instantly jumped into the back, and started digging through the pile, while James stood at the door. Oscar then jumped off the carriage’s roof and landed next to him. He muttered, “The driver’s been taken care of.” When James looked at him in worry, Oscar quickly added, “I don’t mean like that. He’s just tied up.”

          James let out a sigh of relief. “Sometimes I can’t tell with you, Oscar. No offense. You’ve never shied away from violence.”

          “What, you expect me to help rob food shipments with nice words? Try it sometime, and tells me if it works.”

          Just then, Lewis poked his head out from beneath the pile, and shouted, “Found one! And guess what? It’s blueberry!”

          He threw something through the air, and James caught it. It was a steaming blueberry pie, and he found himself unable to stop himself from breaking a piece off and swallowing it. Oscar then yanked it out of his paws, growling, “I always get first piece, remember?” He then proceeded to take out a massive chunk, and stuffed it into his mouth.

          James sighed, as Lewis stepped out of the back, and pulled the pie away. He said, “I think I should get first bite, since I’m so buff and all. I need it for my muscles!”

          Oscar scowled, and James said, “You know, we should just wait until we get out of here before digging in.”

          His two brothers looked at each other, and sighed. Lewis handed the pie to James, as he muttered, “Sure. Whatever you say, Jimmy.”

          The three cats then went back to their carriage, and Oscar snapped the reins. The horse began walking, and within a few minutes, the raided food carriage was out of sight…



NOTE FROM AUTHOR: Thanks for reading Chapter 1 of this story. I would love for some of you to read the synopsis, which goes over my general plan of how to proceed with the tale, and I'd love people's help with writing more chapters. Thanks a bunch, and I look forward to writing with you.

The End

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