The PartyMature

The party that the king and his bodyguard are going to is for the birthday of one of the younger members of the Rovan family.  There would be many people there, most of whom presented no threat.  Some nobles did have great contempt for the king, passed down for years through their families.

Since the King was very safe, with several guards nearby, Almax was wandering around the party.  He started conversing with one of the lesser nobles.   A casual onlooker couldn't tell that he was still watching for trouble. 

The Garinel family has been trained for years to do a single job, and they have become very good at it.  From a young age, they begin training in combat, as well as looking unimportant.  In fact, all family members already have more training by the time they are fifteen than most soldiers get in a lifetime.

Glancing across the courtyard, Almax noticed a nervous looking person walking towards the king.  Turning to the noble, he excused himself and walked towards the person.

With his hand on his sword, he asked, "Can I help you sir?  You look concerned."

Without warning, the man drew a knife from inside his clothes and charged at the king.  Almax drew his sword and slashed across the man's arm, severing several tendons and forcing him to drop his knife.  He fell to the ground in pain, and Almax pointed his sword at the man's throat.  Several guards rushed over and removed him from the party.  Away from young eyes, the guards threw him on the ground and began beating him.

The man cried out, "Please, I had no choice!  They took my family!  They are going to kill them!"

Almax held up his hand and said, "Who has your family?  Who wants you to kill the king?"

The man responded, "No, I can not tell you.  They will still kill my family!  Please, just let me go.  I will leave Kaddas and not come back."

Turning to the guards, Almax said, "Take him back to the keep.  We must know who else is involved with this plot.  Do not kill him...yet."

The guards departed, and Almax went back to the party.  Security may have been tightened, but the threat still existed.  His job wouldn't end until they were back at the keep.

*Nearby, several nobles conversed quietly*

"It would appear that security is as expected.  I do not think that we will be able to remove the King from his throne with that body guard around."

Another noble replied, "I concur, he must be dealt with.  I think that we may be able to arrange something to sour the relationship between the families.  I will need some money though."

The first noble replied, "How much?"

The End

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