The Brotherhood: OriginsMature

Almax Garinel was always a loyal bodyguard and advisor to his king. One day, he was framed by enemies and betrayed by the king. Most of his family were brutally killed and his home destroyed. His quest for vengeance will lead to the deaths of several, but the sparing of many. His revenge taken, he will continue to kill one to save hundreds.

"My lord, no harm will befall you.  My family has guarded yours for generations.  I will not fail to safeguard your life," said Almax Garinel.  The lord he spoke of was the king of Kaddas, Rumeius IV.  The Garinel family had long served the kings of Kaddas. 

In fact, it is believed that the families are so intertwined that neither can survive without the other.  Kaddas had developed enemies over the centuries, and several wars had occurred.  While the capital was never attacked, and all invasions had been repulsed, many wished to retake the lands lost in treaties.  The Rovan family has been a series of brilliant military commanders since their takeover of the throne.  The kings often went to battle with their troops to actively command the army.  Without this strategy, enemies would overwhelm the capital city of Kaddastrei, and force the treaties to be revoked.

The Garinel family helped the Rovan take the thrown.  As such, most other noble families held much less influence.  Much of the Garinel family fortune was given to them by past kings from collected taxes.  While respecting them for their position as royal bodyguards, many still wanted their gold returned.

Many times the nobles petitioned for change, and many times their petitions were rejected.  Two generations before, several noble families rebelled, and they were shown no mercy.  The Rovans ordered them to death, and the Garinels followed the orders to the letter.  Hundreds died, and more were exiled for their betrayal of the crown.

The new nobles are sure that they will not fail as the previous men of influence did.  They plan and scheme to destroy both families.  They are beyond petition and demands.  Their great plan is in place, and soon they will use it.

"Yes, Almax, I know I am safe.  The dissension of the past will not be repeated.  Our grandfathers made sure of that.  Now let us go, or we will be late to the party."

The End

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