The BabesMature

In the north of the land of Aragan, where the temperatures stay low all year round, a family was found frozen to death inside their house, the inside of which was covered in frost and icicles.

By the shore to the east, a house was flooded, the occupants only just escaping alive.

In the central mountain range, a rockslide destroyed a whole village, except one house.

One of the nomadic tribes of the great southern desert saw the oasis they were camping beside dry up overnight in the intense heat.

In the heavily industrialised west, a city suffered a complete blackout.

And, in the very centre of the land, in a temple hidden in the most hostile part of the range, a group of dark-robed figures were meeting.

'Comrades', cried the eldest, 'It has begun!'

In a grotto, the entrance to which lay underwater, a tall figure stiffened, before swimming out through the exit.

Shortly before all this, babies had been born to families in this area.

One had lost her parents.

Another had saved his.

A third had killed his tribe.

The fourth had destroyed her home.

And the last had sucked the region dry.

The End

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