The Brotherhood of OutcastsMature

Peace has reigned for millennia, but an insidious cult plots to overthrow the benevolent ruling dynasty and plunge the country into a vicious and bloody civil war. The only thing standing in their way is a small group of individuals who must hide away from all others.

Ancient legends tell of the Aldar, humans with distinctly unhuman abilities. Once they lived peacefully amongst humans, unmolested. Aldars could not be made, they were merely born, and even humans could sire and give birth to an Aldar. However, some became too full of their powers, and attempted to rule the land. In the ensuing chaos and strife many millions died, but the Aldar were defeated. From then the remaining Aldar were hated and despised. Many were killed in their sleep. The rest fled, never to be seen again.

But that's just an old fable. No-one beleives it. It's a nice story for children. That's all.

The End

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