The TownMature

The team reached the outskirts of the Town just as the Primary sun was setting. The intell was right the Town was being used as a garrison. They were expecting a company strength force, complete with armour, occupying the Town. Instead, much to their delight, they had discovered that there was only a platoon strength force. Thankfully any and all armour had been dispatched elsewhere. The Town was eerily silent, from what they could tell, the civilian populace had been removed. 

The Team approached the Town from the south side, through the cover of the forest. They approached one of 12 sentry posts on the outskirts of the Town. Deadeye took out the 2 sentries in the sentry post, felling one with a head shot, through the centre of the forehead  and then shooting the second through the left eye, as he reached for the alarm switch. They moved in and secured the post, disposing of the bodies, by dumping them in a ditch in the forest. It was there the Team waited until it was dark before they moved into the Town itself. They entered the Town from an alley way between a pub and a bakery, where they ran in to a patrol of half a dozen Coalition troopers. Deadeye took out 3 of them in quick succession, killing one with a head shot between the eyes, one fell as the marks man's bullet severed his skull from his spinal column and the third one fell as the sniper shot him through the mouth as he cried out for help. Maps took one of the troopers out with a couple of shots to the chest, Chief took one down with a couple of shots to the throat. The final trooper tried to runaway but he was caught by Blades, the teams close combat specialist,  he tackled the man down to the ground, there was a struggle between the 2 men, but it was Blades who walked away in the end, after he had slit the enemy troopers throat nearly decapitating him. They dragged the bodies back into the alleyway and dumped the in an industrial sized wheelie bin.

They moved through the Town silently and quickly, a sentry thought he saw movement, he did but it was the last the he saw. As he put his binoculars to his eyes a bullet smashed through the lenses, and in to his right eye and then exited through the back of his head in a shower of gore, brain matter and skull fragments.

A patrol was conversing on a street corner as one of their number was taking a pee down a nearby alley. Deadeye could see the peeing man in the glow of his scope, he took the shot, the bullet passed through the base of the man's skull, he fell forward and unfortunatly landed face first in the puddle of urine. In that short space of time the rest of the unit had moved up into positions were they could take out the patrol quietly, Chief moved in first and got behind his chosen victim, he placed his hand over the man's mouth and plunged his knife into his back severing the spinal cord and tearing through the heart. Blades had snuck up to his man and decapitated him with one fell swoop of his katana. A single shot rang out, they turned to see Maps standing there holding his smoking pistol in his outstretched right arm, a body of a trooper lay on the ground in pool of his blood. He was about to take out Blades, when Maps had seen him, the young intelligence officer had shot the trooper through the head. Blades looked at Maps "Thank you, Brother, I owe you my life."

After they had disposed of the bodies they moved on through the Town. It had taken most of the night for them to get through the gauntlet of patrols and sentries. They had one last obstacle to over come. The Towns main gate. A dozen men held the Towns main gate, so it wasn't going to be easy, by far. The gate was heavily fortified. There were 3 sentries posted on top of the gatehouse, 3 men in the gatehouse, 2 manning the gate itself and the final 4 were just outside the gate. Deadeye took care of the sentries on top of the building, dropping all 3 with expertly placed head shots. Fireball approached the gatehouse unseen and placed a demo charge on the building. After 60 seconds there was an explosion which destroyed the gatehouse and killed the sentries inside and knocked the 2 manning the gate on to their arses, but before they could get up they were run through with bayonets. As the other 4 guards ran in through the smoke and dust 2 were dispatched by Deadeye (both with head shots), 1 was grabbed by Chief and stabbed through the heart. The final guard was grabbed by Blades who slit the guards throat with one sweep of his blade.

When the relief force arrived at first light, the first thing that greeted them was the smouldering remains of the gate house and the stench of charred and burnt flesh. Whoever or whatever had done this had fled without a trace.


The End

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