The BrotherhoodMature

The Brotherhood are a unit of highly trained and skilled soldiers hand picked to join a unit which does not exist. The unit is sent on the most dangerous and secretive of missions.

The dropship entered the planet's atmosphere. The music that they were listening to, Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Child, cut off suddenly and the interior light switch from white to the red standby light. The speaker system broke the silence " 10 minutes from the drop zone." They made ready their weapons, made sure the were carrying enough ammo, blades were sheathed and miscellaneous equipment was stowed away. The Colonel aka The Chief asked " Does every body know the mission?" the team all answered him in varying ways but all were in the affirmative. The speakers chimed in again "5 minutes from the drop zone." The team were all safely locked into their harnesses, some were praying silently to themselves, some were applying camo paint to their faces, a couple of them were going over the plan and the rest sat there in silence. "Drop zone is 1 minute away prepare for landing!" with that everyone fell silent. The team rocked in their seats as the dropship landed, the red light switched to green and the harnesses released. The drop door opened with a hiss and the door landed on the ground with a thud. The Chief raised his left hand and gave the go signal. The first two team members exited the ship with weapons raised, they secured the perimeter before giving the signal for the rest of the team to disembark. Once they had all disembarked the dropship took off again and they were on their own again, 12 soldiers sent behind enemy lines, this is what they did best."Maps?" the Chief asked, a member of the team stepped forward, a youngish man in his 20's, about 5' 6" tall, thin and gangly and wearing glasses "Yes Chief" he said as he stepped forward."Where now?" "Intelligence says the target is 700 clicks west of our DZ Chief" "So.... we have a 700 click march ahead? Well then we better get our arses in gear then!" With that the squad mobilized and started the march for their target. The mission was one that they were used to, dropped behind enemy lines on an enemy held world and take out one of the enemies top leaders. Their target this time was a General Markus Georgeson, a coalition commanding officer and with Georgeson gone several coalition worlds would fall back under control of the Federation.

After three and a half hours of marching the team came across a checkpoint. The Chief gave the signal for every one to hit the dirt."Numbers" he mouthed at Deadeye, the team's master sniper, he looked through his rifles scope and panned it across the checkpoint. Deadeye signalled to the Chief that there were 3 manning the gate and that there were 2 more in the gate house. The Chief signalled to Deadeye whom nodded, he also signalled to 2 other members of the squad who silently moved up to join the Chief. He whispered so that only the 3 of them heard the plan " Deadeye's gonna take the 3 on the gate and we'll take the ones in the gate house OK?" the other 2 nodded and with that they crept silently up to the gate house. Deadeye hit the first guard straight through his left eye, the 2nd guard turned to see were the shot came from and was hit dead centre of the forehead, the 3rd one seeing what happened to his friends  turned to run and the last thing he saw was his throat exploding out in a shower of gore. The 3rd shot hitting the running guard at the base of the skull and making his throat explode. The 2 in the gate house saw the 3 others die and came out to investigate, the first one out got to the body of the one hit in the forehead, then he felt a hand over his mouth and then a sharp pain in his ribs, as a knife passed between them and penetrated his heart. The final guard was grabbed as soon as he exited the gate house and his neck was broken before he knew anyone was there. Before they left the checkpoint they hid the bodies in the nearby foliage and pressed on towards their target.

They left the checkpoint behind and trudged on for three more hours before Chief signalled the team to stop. "Maps how far to the target from here?" he asked. "We've got about 250 clicks till we reach the target Chief." replied the gangly intelligence officer."Um Chief there's a small town in between us and the target. If we go round the town we risk the missing our objective." "So what you're saying is we've gotta go through the fucking town?" "Yes Chief.....and intelligence reports say the town is used as a garrison by Coalition Forces!" "SHIT! You're fucking kidding me right?!" "No Chief." "So you mean we gotta go through an enemy infested town just so we don't miss the fucking objective?" "Affirmative! Chief." "FUCK IT! What's the force disposition there Maps?" "Intelligence reports vary..... anything from platoon size to regiment......I'm sorry Chief." "What's there now?" "A Company of Mechanised Dragoons. 75 Men and 5 Bobcats Chief." "Right we can do this it's gonna be hard. Is it possible to get through without making to much noise or mess?" "Shouldn't be to hard....Chief!" it wasn't Maps who'd answered it was Fireball the team's explosives specialist. Chief said almost to himself "I was afraid YOU'D say that!"


The End

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