The Brotherhood

A young man living his entire life in the basement of his parent's house on the computer is suddenly brought into a strange and shadowy organization with two purposes. To wage a vendetta against the corrupt forces of the media and government and prove it's members' masculinity and prowess through brutal hand to hand combat.

A brotherhood is a bond that is stronger than all ties on these earthly planes. Even stronger than your relationships with your mother, your father, your sister or your girlfriend; a brotherhood is something that is sacred and to never be misused or dishonored. Fortius quam fraternitas nullum est vinculum or "there is no stronger bond than brotherhood. These are words that we live by, words that we repeat daily like a prayer to the so called "God" above. 

My name is Wes Wesley Perry. No you read that right, my name isn't the uncommon "Wesley" but rather the obscure and unique "Wes." My parents decided to name me this because they thought it was "charming" and "cool." Then again they were also pro-hippies so they were into all sorts of weird things. Almost as weird as my older sister Anirtak. Again her real name, another unique name that my parents came up with. But she usually goes by Katrina (which is her name spelled backwards by the way).

Anirtak is the weird child of the family because she is wiling to do anything to feel "normal" be it learning about a popular sport or telling her friends that her entire family moved to Guatemala and left her with her aunt and uncle (which by the way backfired on her terribly). Following a (large) couple of weirded out friends and would-be-boyfriends, Anirtak decided to finally move out of our house and God knows where she is now.

This left me alone with two hyped up and extremely annoying parents for the next two years of my life. The little socializing I did outside of my computer friends and game clans was always carefully watched by them, always looking over my shoulder somehow, making sure I wasn't doing drugs or having pre-marriage sex (like they had probably done). And up until three months ago I had accepted my indoor life, constantly on my numerous computers playing games, blogging, writing reviews for console games and buying stocks. It wasn't until I was invited to a local bar that my life took a pretty damn strange turn.


The End

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